Live $1 Million Poker Game Returning in May

After enjoying much success in 2023, Hustler Casino Live is going to bring back the $1 million buy-in games in a series that is  set to take place in May. Since this is such a popular event, the Hustler Casino Live has had little trouble attracting top talent. 

Alan Keating and Doug Polk are both going to be competing at this event that is set to run from May 28 through May 31. Hustler Casino Live became the first to live stream a $1 million buy-in poker game last year, and it’s coming back for more success this year. 

While that first event went off without a hitch, lessons learned from the first showing could allow some improvements to be made. Now that the first two professionals have signed on, more are expected to join in the coming weeks. 

Massive Pot Coming?

The action during the 2023 live stream was terrific because of the poker play, but there was a ton of intrigue due to the amount of money that was on the table. Polk was a part of the event last year as well, and he got into a massive battle with Tom Dwan. 

One of the most memorable hands during the live stream last year was a bluff by Polk when the hand was worth $1.1 million. Some questioned the integrity of that game because of some questionable strategies, and that could happen again this year. 

That wasn’t even close to the largest pot that was on the table last year though as one got as high as $3.1 million before a bluff was called. Fans that were watching the live stream couldn’t believe that players would bluff with so much money at stake.

Since there will be more big names on the live stream this year, it is expected that a new record is going to be set. What remains to be seen is which players are going to be willing to risk it all. 

Slow Start

Even though players are going to be paying $1 million to buy into this event, the blinds are going to start out at just $500/$1000. Those blinds are going to be increasing right away, but some players can choose to make them even bigger before waiting for the next round. 

This announcement from Hustler Casino Live did raise some immediate questions as it is going to begin on the same day as the 2024 World Series of Poker. While that could end up being the case, most people aren’t going to tune into the WSOP until later in the event. 

This event is going to be live streamed on YouTube again this year, and there were more than 20,000 people viewing at one specific time. There were more players announced for this event, but Hustler Casino Live is still hoping that even bigger names join. 

One thing that hasn’t been decided is the matchups and tables that the top players will be playing at. 


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