Lukas Robinson Breaks Poker Streaming Record on TwitchTV

Years ago, the only way that we heard about top poker pros was to watch television footage, read articles, or visit YouTube once in a while to catch a video of tournament or cash game action. However, in today’s poker world, streaming services allow poker pros to showcase their skills and gain a large following, even earning money along the way. Lukas Robinson is a well-known poker pro online and he recently used TwitchTV to set a new poker streaming record.

Known as RobinPoker online, Robinson was able to play and stream for 1,000 hours in 100 days. This is an amazing streak and it not only led to the record being broken, but the pro earned a profit and a sponsorship deal with the effort!

Details of the Record-Breaking Streams

On Twitter, Robinson broke down his time on TwitchTV. He streamed total of 1,000 hours in 100 days, averaging around 10 hours of poker a day. No stream was less than seven hours long. The poker pro took zero days off and managed to snag a total of $23,850 in profit.

From Liverpool, Robinson always felt like he would be a top poker player, even as a young kid. He gave up a job at a fish and chip shop earlier this year to try playing poker and earning a living as a streamer. Robinson said he woke up one day and was sick of having a normal job. He was ready to do something that he loved.

Robinson spoked to poker pros before he started, and they said that they didn’t think he knew what he was getting in to. When the challenge was announced for the streaming time frame, everyone thought he was crazy. However, he took it seriously. He spoke to a nutritionist and figured out how he could accomplish his goal.

The challenge was to break the record of Arlie Shaban, a player who streamed for 1,000 hours in 125 days. Robinson met Shaban in London and they spoke about his challenge. Shaban did not take one day off and in the process, was able to gain a large following and sponsorship deals. He is also a Team Pro Online at PokerStars and an ambassador for Run It Up.

Being Ambitious

Robinson saw the challenge as a way to be ambitious and to build a career. Starting on January 4, the player took part in seven hours or more per day in streaming his gaming. With the effort, Robinson started to move up the stakes levels as he worked his way towards beating the record.

After making a profit and beating the streaming record, Robinson was approached by GGPoker for a sponsorship deal. he accepted and saw his TwitchTV following increase due to his accomplishments. With the sponsorship, Robinson is being paid to play poker and he is able to receive free tickets to big events. His overall goal is to be one of the biggest streamers of online poker gaming in the United Kingdom and the world.

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Conor Stack

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