Michigan Players Now in WSOP Big Pool

The 2024 World Series of Poker is now underway, and that includes both live and online tournaments. While some of the schedule changes and new live tournaments have created plenty of excitement, the same can be said for what is taking place online. 

For the first time ever, players from Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey are all competing against one another, and that will create even more drama and excitement online. Nevada and New Jersey players have been in the same pool for the last few years, but now they are adding a third state.

This took some updates to the WSOP.com servers in order to make this happen, but players also have lawmakers to thank for this change. Each state agreed to compete in the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, and then it was just up to WSOP.com to make the necessary changes. 

Other online poker sites are expected to combine players from these three states at some point as well, but getting there first will have advantages for WSOP.com. The 2024 WSOP online schedule has added more online bracelet events, and those pots are now going to be much larger as well. 

App is Updated

Players in Michigan have been playing on the new server for the last few weeks, but the Nevada and New Jersey players were just introduced to it. There are a number of new changes on the WSOP.com platform, and it should lead to more exciting game play moving forward. 

Players that access the mobile app can now play on four different tables at one time, and there will also be exclusive gifts available. Mystery bounty events have also been added online for the first time ever, giving players a new way to compete. 

The first online bracelet event will be held on June 1, and things are going to get more challenging for the online players. That new mobile app launched on Tuesday, and that is giving players some time to get acclimated with the new changes. 

There will still be some online tournaments held in Pennsylvania as well, but the prize money is going to significantly less. Lawmakers in that state have not yet signed the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, leaving money on the table for those players. 

Online Poker Growing 

Online poker has been around for decades, but these sites only started to become regulated and legal over the last few years. All iGaming has taken off throughout the United States, but there are still only a handful of states with legal online poker options. 

There are now over 22.5 million people between the states in this agreement, and that could create some massive events. Delaware and West Virginia are also a part of this agreement, but they have not yet been added to the WSOP.com server. 

This will be a nice test run for WSOP.com during the 2024 version of the event, and it could actually lead to some bigger things moving forward. 


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