Million Dollar Sunday Overlays following DDoS Attack

Million Dollar SundaysThe first of Americas Cardroom´s five fall “Million Dollar Sundays” had a massive overlay due to a DDoS attack during the late registration period.

Yesterday´s Million Dollar Sunday at Americas Cardroom started on time with 466 players seated around the tables. With the 100-seat mega-satellite still in play and five hours of late registration still to come, the signs were good that the tournament would reach – or at least come close to – its $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

However, soon into the game, players started experiencing connection issues and the tournament was stopped several times while attempts were made to address the technical issues. Half an hour into his live Twitch broadcast, the Winning Poker Network´s CEO – Phil Nagy – advised viewers that the site was experiencing a massive DDoS attack which his team was trying to deal with.

The tournament continued but, due to the connection issues, only 1,549 entries were received – resulting in an overlay of $225,500, or $163,540 once tournament entry fees were taken into account. Nagy commented that although the overlay was painful, Americas Cardroom had not spent as much money promoting the event as on previous occasions, so the site could bear it.

Ransom Demand Received – but for How Much?

During his Twitch stream, Phil Nagy revealed that the company had received a ransom demand saying the DDoS attack would continue unless the attackers were paid a ransom. Due to a lack of quality in the sound, it is not sure whether the ransom was for $5,000 in Bitcoin or 5,000 Bitcoin (worth about $1.1 million).

Although the most obvious demand would have been for 5,000 Bitcoin, there was speculation on the 2+2 forum that the ransomers could have been trying to extract a small amount during the first Million Dollar Sunday so that they would get paid out on this occasion, and then escalate their demands during the next four events scheduled to be held in October.

Nagy commented that he was not prepared to “give in to terrorism” and the tournament continued. The money bubble burst during Level 26 – 216 players cashed in the event – and, after 11½ of play in Level 43, the final table was reached – player “JohnLegend” having a ten BB chip advantage over “whitelime”, with a player who had previously won his seat into the million dollar tournament in a $12.00 Million or Bust Jackpot Sit & Go – “P0ppin0ff” – handily placed in fourth position.

Million Dollar Sunday Final Table

Little happened during the first hour of the final table until, deep into Level 47, “Assinat0” moved all-in with {A♠} {Q♣}. “P0ppin0ff” made the call with {9♦} {9♠} and “RGarrido8” moved in over the top with {A♦} {K♠}. “P0ppinoff” made the call, and the {A♥} on the flop ended the participation of the two shorter-stacked players – “RGarrido8” soaring into a massive chip lead with an Ace-high flush against “JohnLegend” in the very next hand.

Thereafter the action accelerated. “GunJonOko” fell in seventh a few hands later when his Ace-high failed to overcome “holyguacmole´s” pocket Eights, but “holyguacmole” was also bust before the end of the level when he ran his {K♠} {Q♠} into “RGarrido8´s” {A♦} {A♥} – “RGarrido8” now sitting behind a stack of 5,940,723 as the game went five-handed into Level 48 (blinds 50,000/100,000 – ante 10,000) with each player assured of $46,000.

The next level saw the rise of “EpicStation” into contention. “EpicStation” had come to the final table with the smallest stack of the nine finalists, but had managed his chips well. A handy double-up against “RGarrido8” and victory in a big pot against “whitelime” with Kings and Jacks saw his stack increase significantly – a very handy increase considering that at the beginning of Level 50, the five remaining players agreed to a ICM deal which resulted in the following payouts with $20,000 left for the winner.

Player Chips Deal
whitelime 4,279,048 $109,605.14
JohnLegend 3,801,768 $104,882.85
RGarrido8 3,009,087 $96,035.34
EpicStation 2,443,321 $88,628.74
HollaAtYaBoi 1,966,776 $81,847.92

Legend Aces Million Dollar Sunday

With the deal agreed, there was a quick conclusion to the Million Dollar Sunday event. “EpicStation” bust in fifth place with {A♣} {9♦} against “whitelime´s” {K♦} {10♦} on a King-high board, but then “whitelime” doubled up “JohnLegend” {J♠} {J♥} > {A♠} {9♦} to give the former chip leader the advantage once again.

The hand of the game saw the demise of “RGarrido8”, who got all in with {J♥} {J♣} against “JohnLegend´s” {Q♣} {J♦}. The flop of {10♥} {A♦} {K♦} gave the chip leader an Ace-high straight, but the {J♠} on the Turn offered “RGarrido8” the chance of a Full House. Unfortunately the board failed to double and “RGarrido8” was sent to the rail in fourth place.

whitelime´s” participation in the Million Dollar Sunday lasted just a few more hands – unluckily bust in third by “JohnLegend” {Q♦} {J♦} > {A♣} {2♦} when the {J♣} landed on the flop – allowing “JohnLegend” to take a commanding 14.4 million –v- 1 million chip advantage into the heads-up against “HollaAtYaBoi”.

Despite doubling up once, “HollaAtYaBoi” was at a massive disadvantage and tried a shove once too often – when getting all his chips into the middle with {Q♣} {6♣} and getting a call from “JohnLegend” who had woken up with {A♣} {A♠}. The first card out on the board ({A♥}) sealed the result, and “JohnLegend” had taken down the first of this fall´s five Million Dollar Sundays for $124,882.85.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett