Mobile Update: PartyPoker Provides Changes to FastForward Games

At partypoker, online poker players have access to a format of gaming known as fastforward. This option places players in a pool spread across many tables. Instead of being seated at one table, players are placed in the pool and if they choose to fold during a hand, are moved on to the next table. This helps players to avoid waiting on others to make a decision. The online poker operator recently announced a few changes to fastforward, including portrait mode and diamond earning.

New Portrait Mode Format

In the mobile app, players can now access portrait mode via fastforward cash games. The format is offered via Android and iOS devices. With the new format, players will find using a mobile device for gameplay is much easier than in landscape mode.

With landscape mode, two hands were needed to make decisions. In portrait mode, players can use one hand to operate a game. Everything on the screen can be played with the thumb, which is what most people use when doing anything via mobile.

Fastforward games now join party’s SPINS games in offering portrait mode, so now both options can be multi-tabled together. In the past, players could not choose to multi-table both formats due to the two different mode options.

Team Online partypoker member Jamie Staples was impressed with the portrait mode, stating that being able to play with one finger is something he has neve had the chance to experience before and the option is both simple and intuitive. Staples says the app is the best poker option he has every played on his phone and it is both simple and fun to use.

Diamonds Now Available

At partypoker, players have access to a social currency known as Diamonds. Players can earn diamonds with every hand they play and now, the option is offered via the fastforward tables. The online poker room launched the Diamonds via SPINS back in November and now fastfoward players can also earn the special currency.

Players can use the Diamonds earned to purchase in-game items such as animations that can be thrown at other players. It is a little silly but for those who enjoy having fun while playing, it is a great option to be available now with fastforward.

These changes are part of the latest update via the partypoker mobile app. Top-rated online poker rooms continue to make changes on a regular basis to be able to offer their members the very best gaming options. With regular updates, innovative changes can be made to games as well as the overall platform to ensure players a better overall experience.

Partypoker remains one of the best in the business because they make changes like the portrait mode and Diamond addition to their offerings to players are happy and content. With a solid offering, partypoker continues to showcase their ability to adapt and make changes to stay current and up to date with player wants as well as the latest innovations.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett