New Poker Club Opens in Kentucky

There is a new poker club in the state of Kentucky, but it’s actually just a new version of a former club that was in the state. Chris Moneymaker has reopened his Moneymaker Social Club in Louisville after his previous club in Paducah closed a year ago. 

Chris Moneymaker is a living legend in the sport of live poker and he has always been one to try to grow the game. Moneymaker won the 2023 WSOP Main Event, and that win came just months after his first club closed in this state. 

This was not a surprising reopening of the club in Kentucky as Moneymaker had recently shared details of what was to come. He is expected to make many appearances at the Moneymaker Social Club, and it’s a place that will have much more than just a poker room. 

New Club Details

There were some concerns from local citizens in Paducah, and that was one of the reasons that the club got shut down. That is not going to be a concern in Louisville, and it’s going to be hosting some major events in the future. 

Players that want to join the club are going to have to pay a membership fee, and that will keep all of the money within the club. Membership dues are as little as $10 per day, or players can also pay $80 to take care of the entire month. 

There is also a seat fee that is charged at a rate of $7, and that must be paid every half hour. While that might seem like a steep price, the club is not taking any rake for the tournaments that are being held. 

Working with the state of Kentucky was extremely important as it should keep the club from getting shut down or sued in court. 

Moneymaker Having Some Success

While this new business venture is a nice way for Moneymaker to give back to the game of poker, that game has also provided him plenty of revenue throughout the years. Moneymaker is clearly still riding the wave of momentum for winning the 2023 WSOP Main Event a year ago, and it’s been a great start in 2024.

Moneymaker is already a member of the Poker Hall of Fame, and he added to his impressive earnings pool by taking down a High Roller Event earlier this year in Montenegro. It was a Triton Poker event that Moneymaker was able to win, and he took home $903,000 with that victory. 

While most of his success has come at live poker events throughout his career, he has also been competing online. He recently won another $382,000 by finishing in sixth place at a Venom Poker event. 

It remains to be seen if Moneymaker is going to duplicate his success in Las Vegas again this summer, but he will be entering in many tournaments. Other poker players know that they are in for a battle anytime that Moneymaker enters a tournament as he is consistently finishing at the final table.


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