New Unlimited Cash Race Gets Underway at BetOnline

Unlimited Cash RaceBetOnline Poker is giving away thousands of dollars in its new “unlimited cash race” promotion – a promotion with no limit on how much players can win.

This February, there is plenty of added value for cash game players at BetOnline Poker. The site is hosting an “unlimited cash race” in which players are awarded colored poker chips for contributing to the rake deducted from cash game pots.

Each time a player collects a set number of poker chips, they are exchanged for a higher denomination poker chip. The process continues until the end of February, when the value of the chips a player has collected will be added together and a cash sum paid into their account.

The promotion is simple, available to every player at BetOnline Poker, and potentially very lucrative. It is available in addition to the other special offers at the site, including the POP for Cash exchange program and the very generous BetOnline Poker bonus of up to $2,500.

How the Unlimited Cash Race Works

For each $1.00 of rake a player pays at BetOnline Poker´s cash game tables, he or she is awarded a Green Chip. When they have collected five Green Chips, they are exchanged for a Yellow Chip. The player continues to play and collect more Green Chips, and then exchange them for more Yellow Chips.

Each time a player has five Yellow Chips, these are exchanged for one Red Chip, and the process continues through Blue Chips and Black Chips (don´t worry if you are getting lost, there is a diagram below that explains the promotion visually). When a player has three Black Chips, they are exchanged for a Gold Chip, and three Gold Chips are exchanged for a Titanium Chip.

Green Chip X5 = Yellow Chip Cash Value
Yellow Chip X5 = Red Chip $ 1.00
Red Chip X5 = Blue Chip $ 10.00
Blue Chip X5 = Black Chip $ 50.00
Black Chip X3 = Gold Chip $ 150.00
Gold Chip X3 = Titanium Chip $ 500.00

The cashouts for the promotion are calculated according to the number of chips each player has. So, for example, if a player had collected one Titanium Chip ($500.00), two Gold Chips ($300.00) and four Blue Chips ($30.00), they would find $830.00 added to their BetOnline Poker accounts in the first week of March. Not a bad promotion for simply playing online poker, and there is no limit to how much free poker money each player can collect.

Also Happening at BetOnline Poker in February

In case you missed the news, BetOnline Poker has a special Super Bowl 50 cash game promotion running on Sunday 7th February. Players who lose a pot with a Jack-high Flush or better, or players who win a pot with four of a kind, will receive a bonus of ten times the Big Blind up to $100.00. Players who win a cash game pot with a Royal Flush will receive a bonus of twenty times the Big Blind up to $200.00. Details of this promotion can be found here.

There are also special promotions for players who prefer Sit & Go games and multitable tournaments throughout February at BetOnline Poker. The site is once again running a $25,000 Sit & Go leaderboard challenge and – in addition to increasing the guarantees on the weekend feature tournaments – BetOnline Poker is hosting a special $50,000 guaranteed MTT at 7:00pm on Saturday 27th February.

Away from the poker tables, BetOnline is offering a stack of betting options on Super Bowl 50 plus a 25% lifetime bonus on all sports betting action. Fans of horseracing can take advantage of a $25.00 risk-free bet plus a 7% track rebate, while there are multiple offers available for players who like their online casinos and skill games. In fact it is difficult to think of a reason why you should not visit BetOnline Poker today.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett