One Week Only to Win PPC Aruba Package at Intertops Poker

PPC Aruba at IntertopsIntertops Poker is hosting a week long promotion in which at least one lucky player will win a package to the $500,000 guaranteed PPC Aruba Main Event.

The Poker Players´ Championship (PPC) is a massive U.S. live poker tour that runs throughout the year. The tour has thirty stops in some of the country´s best casinos and the highlight of each season is the PPC Aruba World Championship. This year the climax of the tour will take place at the Hilton Aruba Resort from November 2nd to 8th.

Although the event does not take place until November, [geolink href=””]Intertops Poker[/geolink] is giving players the opportunity to win a $5,000 package that includes entry into the $500,000 guaranteed Main Event accommodation and a contribution towards travel expenses. However, you will have to be quick if you want to take advantage of this promotion, as it is running for one week only.

How to Win a Package to the PPC Aruba

Starting today, Intertops Poker will be running Steps satellites feeding into a $110.00 buy-in “Aruba Satellite Final” next Sunday (July 31st) at 9:00pm EST. There are just two Steps in the qualifying process:

  • Step 1 sub-satellites have a buy-in of $2.20 and take place daily (until Saturday) at 11:00am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm (all times in EST). One ticket for the nightly Step 2 sub-satellite will be awarded for each $11.00 in the prize pool.
  • Step 2 sub-satellites have a buy-in of $11.00 and take place each night this at 10:00pm EST until Saturday. One seat in the Aruba Satellite Final will be awarded for each $110.00 in the prize pool.

Both sub-satellites are re-buy (1,500 chips) and add-on (2,500 chips) events with 45 minutes late registration. Players can buy-in directly to Step 2 to skip the first qualifying Step, or directly into Sunday´s Aruba Satellite Final – which is also a re-buy (5,000 chips) and add-on (7,500 chips) event, but with 75 minutes late registration.

Alternatively, Intertops Poker is hosting a $1.10 buy-in “Last Chance” turbo satellite on Sunday at 7:00pm EST – just two hours before the Final gets underway. Players competing in the “Last Chance” event get just 500 starting chips and the option for unlimited re-buys (500 chips) and an add-on (5,000 chips) after 55 minutes. One seat in the Aruba Satellite Final is guaranteed, plus more for each $110.00 in the prize pool.

What´s in the Package to the PPC Aruba?

The player(s) who wins the Aruba Satellite Final is in for a treat. The package consists of a $2,400 buy-in to the PPC Aruba World Championship, five nights´ accommodation for two, an invitation to the Kick-Off Party and dinner on Intertops Poker, $500 towards travel expenses and a host of Intertops Poker gear.

The PPC Aruba World Championships is not a one tournament event. A comprehensive schedule of side events has been compiled to keep players amused throughout the week, and the final event of the proceedings is a five-package-guaranteed satellite into the 2017 PPC Aruba World Championships.

Promotion has Huge Potential for an Overlay

Despite Aruba being a popular destination, there is likely going to be significant value in this promotion. Last week, Intertops Poker ran a similar promotion guaranteeing a package to the [geolink href=””]Punta Cana Poker Classic[/geolink] in October. The majority of the Step 1 and Step 2 sub-satellites – as well as the “Last Chance” satellite – were undersubscribed, and the Final only attracted 13 players.

Seven re-buys and five add-ons later, and Intertops Poker had only collected $2,500 (plus fees) towards the $5,000 package it was giving away. If the overlay is repeated this week, it is conceivable that the site will not run the promotion again. Consequently, if you are going to attempt to win a package to the PPC Aruba World Championship, there has never been a better time to play at Intertops Poker.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett