Online Casinos Set Record in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania continues to be a leader when it comes to online casino gaming, and the number from February support that. February is the shortest month of the entire year, but the online casino revenue set a record last month.

Online casinos posted a total revenue of $215.3 million in February, easily shattering the December 2023 record of $204.2 million. Other states also reported some great iGaming numbers in February as betting online was extremely popular. 

Not only did the online casinos set a new state record in Pennsylvania, but this mark was also the all-time record in the United States. Pennsylvania is now the early online casino revenue leader in the U.S. through two months, but other states aren’t far behind. 

The total revenue jumped more than 32% from the February 2023 numbers, and more than 13% from January. There weren’t new online casinos introduced last month, and it’s just clear that people were more interested in wagering. 

Once again it was the online slot machines that ended up seeing the most action, and also bringing in the most revenue. 

Breakdown of Games

A majority of the online casinos in Pennsylvania are doing a great job of introducing new table games, but the players aren’t willing to bit. When it comes to the type of games that attract the most action, it is the online slots that are generating more play, and more revenue. 

Revenue from online slots last month was up over $156 million, and that is a trend that has been in place for a number of years. Online poker generated just $2.4 million in revenue, while the rest was brought in form the online table games. 

Pennsylvania is a state that allows for live dealer games to be played, but those just haven’t caught on as much as the online casino games. The online casinos don’t seem to care at this point as long as they keep bringing in record-setting numbers. 

There is a chance that Pennsylvania could soon join an interstate poker agreement, and that would increase the likelihood that online poker saw a huge boost in revenue. This is now the fourth time in the last six months that this state has set a new monthly revenue record, but now the online casinos have to sustain that momentum. 

Some Clear Leaders

Even though all of the online casinos in Pennsylvania contributed to a record setting revenue, there are certain casinos that do the most damage. Hollywood Penn National has been the most popular option since it opened, and it posted an online revenue total of $84.2 million last month. 

Valley Forge is really the only online casino that is competitive in this industry, and it had a revenue of $57.2 million last month. Rivers Philadelphia rounded out the top three, but there was a significant gap between second and third place. 

The online sports betting industry is more competitive throughout, but online casino players continue to go with the top options.


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