Party Borgata Sets Record in Countdown to 30 Million Hands

Party Borgata Sets Record in Countdown to 30 Million HandsOnline poker players have visited the Borgata Poker Network in record numbers in hopes of winning bonus cash during the countdown to 30 million promotion.

A total of 870 players within New Jersey were online and playing at the network sites over the weekend, taking a shot at being seated at the first of 15 milestone hands during the promo. That number of players easily beat the old record of 729.

The first milestone hand of 25 million was hit on Sunday by Daniel “DanHYoo” Yoo at a SitNGo table, allowing the lucky player to pocket $1,000 in cash. Yoo later expressed his gratitude via Twitter by tweeting, Thanks @partypokerUS for the easiest $1000 ever.

Easy money will also be available at either site of the Borgata Poker Network, and, each millionth hand up until 29 million. The milestone hands from that point forward will be each 100,000th hand until reaching the big 30 millionth milestone hand.

The winner of the first 14 milestone hands receives a cash bonus of $1,000, while players seated at the same table also will have their accounts credited $100. On hand no. 30,000,000, the lucky winner will get a $10,000 bonus, with his or her tablemates each pocketing $1,000.

PokerStars has done wonders with milestone hand promotions in the past in terms of increased player traffic and it appears as though the magic is working at Party Borgata also. Unlike PokerStars, however, Party Borgata is counting hands from cash tables, SitNGos and multi-table tournaments combined.

While most credit PokerStars for conceiving of the promo, the now defunct was actually doling out milestone hand bonuses way back in 2002. However, it’s not so important who started the popular craze as it is to know that players do love trying to be among the lucky winners.

The blog reported that hand no. 24,900,000 was dealt at 12:06 p.m., with the 25 millionth hand arriving just a bit more than seven hours later. Players aiming to be seated at the next milestone hand may want to keep that time frame in mind. However, it all depends on how many players are seated and playing, of course.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett