Partypoker Announces New Defection Party with $2m in Cash and Prizes on Offer

From now through June 4th, online poker giant partypoker is offering up something they are calling Defection Party. Players will be able to take part by simply playing poker and following certain directions to have a shot at winning cash and prizes. The online poker room is providing a total of $2 million in incentives during Defection Party.

What’s On Offer?

Players who take part in the special option will first win a prize just for logging in to their account. The online poker room will be offering a bonus or a ticket to a Hyper-Turbo worth $500. On top of that, players can earn 20% more in cashback than the standard on certain days. The online poker room will alert players of these days via social media as well as in the client.

Players will want to log in during those special days to earn the added cash back on losses. This is a great way to get something for your gameplay by just logging in on a given day. By logging in on the right day, you can cash in!

Another section of the Defection Party is the Daily Challenges. With these, players will have to opt in to take part. Each day, a specific challenge will be set. The challenges are generated at random, so players will never know what will take place.

Challenges can include deal specific holdings at the table or playing a certain number of hands that day. By completing the challenges, players earn an entry to a Hyper-Turbo which has $5,000 in guaranteed prize money. This event will run each day at 8:00 pm CET. Players have to finish a challenge to earn a ticket to the event.


If that wasn’t enough, partypoker is also providing leaderboard for players in three areas, SPINS, Sit & Go and Cash Game. Combined, the three leaderboards are offering up $1.3 million in prize money. The Cash Game Leaderboards have $1 million spread across 16 different options, with both No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha included. The top prize of these leaderboards is $10,000.

Sit & Go player swill be competing for $7,250 each day in leaderboard cash. For SPINS fans, there will be $12,500 spread over five leaderboards every day.

Partypoker is looking at Defection Party as a way to give back to players. Vadim Soloveychik,, the Marketing Director for partypoker, commented that the brand believes in giving back to players. They give back more than a third of revenues to players through promotions and cashback programs. This is what the Defection Party is all about.

Thankfully for players, there is almost a full month left of the special party with plenty of ways to take part. Simply log in to partypoker to get started, checking social media channels and in the client to see what is going on during any given day!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett