Partypoker Completes Major Upgrade to Online Poker Platform Software

For players of the online poker room partypoker, a few changes were made not long ago after the operator decided to complete a major software upgrade. The online poker platform now has new features for games, including options for Run It Twice.

New Upgrades

One of the big changes to partypoker includes Run It Twice. The option is often used in cash games and the remaining community cards are dealt twice. This will take place wen two players are all-in and cards are still coming. If agreed upon, the board will be dealt tice and the winner will be based on both boards. If each player wins a board, then the pot will be split between the two.

Many online poker rooms offer the Run It Twice feature, including PokerStars. At partypoker, players will find the option is offered at FastForward cash games only. Only desktop users of Windows or Mac devices will have access to the option. The online poker room has plans to offer Run It Twice via mobile as well as within regular cash games in the future.

Additional Changes

Partypoker has made other changes as well to the platform to enhance the overall player experience. The ITM Indicator is one new feature that helps gameplay by providing key info involving tournament gaming. Players can use ITM to find out how many players are left in an event, the player’s position, bounties earned and other data.

The indicator makes it easy to find such info as the data is listed on the table instead of within the tournament lobby. While playing in an event, players can just review what they like instead of having to go to the lobby for details.

The FastForward lobby also has a new look, with a more modern display instead of a traditional setup. The buy-in is listed along with table stakes, with no additional info. This makes it quick and easy for players to find their table of choice.

In the future, partypoker will be enacting even more changes. The King of the Hill heads-up table policy will be changed to protect the recreational players. Some regular players can take advantage of the weaker players based on the current model.

With the new policy, players will not be able to sit at multiple heads-up tables when they are empty. Players will only be able to sit at a new table if they are already playing at a table. This will help to stop veteran players from avoiding other regulars and wait for weaker players to log online.

Each of these changes enhances the overall gameplay in some form or fashion. Top online poker rooms like partypoker continue to make such changes so that players will enjoy their poker playing, be it in cash games or tournament options.

With more changes to come in the future, partypoker remains a top provider of online poker gaming, offering their players the very best when it comes to features and overall software performance.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett