Partypoker Makes Changes to MILLION Flagship Tournament

At online poker room partypoker, one of the most popular events that players can participate in is the MILLION. This flagship tournament has been offered for quite some time, providing value and entertainment on a regular basis. The online poker provider recently decided to change things up and has now improved the structure of the event as well as making entering the tournament much simpler.

New Changes

In the past, players could pick from dozens of Day 1 options for the MILLION. The Day 1s ran many times each day during the week, feeding in to the Sunday final. Players could also take part in phased tournaments that offered buy-ins of just $2.20 to earn a spot into the big event. While this worked, it was a bit complicated for newbies.

Now, partypoker has announced that the MILLION is still a multi-day tournament but there are only seven Day 1s to be found. Each one costs $215 to compete in. The Day 1s take place at 6:30 pm BST Monday to Sunday.

Changing up the Structure

Partypoker also decided to change up the structure of MILLIONS. Anyone who takes part in a Day 1 event will be given 1,000,000 in chips and will have a 20 minute blind clock. The blinds are set at 5,000/10,000/1,000a. This is 50% more than the previous blinds.

On Day 1, gameplay continues for 20 levels. Players who still have chips at the end of the day will move on the final on Monday. Players can compete in more than one Day 1 but MILLION only allows players to take their best stack to the final day.

Traditional satellites now take the place of the phased tournaments that were once offered with players able to buy-in for $22 to earn a $215 seat. Players can also pay a $2.20 buy-in to compete in a satellite and win a seat to the $22 event.

Additional Changes at partypoker

Players at the online poker site contacted the brand and pointed out that they wanted the Mini and Micro to return. Both are now back and offer the same schedule as before but at a lower price point. Players can take part in the Micro, with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool at the cost of just $2.20.

The winner of this event will earn a seat to a $1,050 WPT event. The Mini has a larger buy-in of $22 but offers a larger $100,000 prize pool. The winner of this event earns a WPT seat as well but with a higher $3,200 value.

Players are sure to be excited about all the changes now offered at partypoker. We shall see in the coming weeks how much participation changes due to the moves and if more players will take part. The MILLIONS will need significant traffic each week to be able to hit the one million dollar prize pool guarantee.  This is doable right now, due to the number of players enjoying online poker based on stay at home orders and current coronavirus conditions.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett