Pennsylvania Poll Shows Residents Support Online Gambling

PennsylvaniaA recent survey of registered voters in Pennsylvania found that for every person opposed to online gambling, more than two are in favor.

A total of 58% of 769 Keystone State households that were queried said yes to regulated online poker and gambling, while 26% said no. Those are favorable statistics that state legislators will no doubt take seriously at the next online gambling hearing.

What has not been taken too seriously was a recent survey conducted by Shelson Adelson and his Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling that found almost 75% of Pennsylvanians not in favor of igaming. Poll results can often be skewed by the way in which questions are worded and asked to those being surveyed.

The new poll, taken by the Omega Group of Wayne, Pennsylvania, asked 769 respondents numerous questions that centered around the fact that there are currently no safeguards to prevent minors and problem gamblers from gaining access to igaming sites. Internet poker and gambling regulation would include safety measures designed to keep those at risk from gambling online.

Survey Says

Other results of the poll showed that 80% are in favor of employing the most up-to-date technology to keep children away from the games. Another 52% would like to see that same technology used in order to limit losses, time played and deposit amounts for those who may be teetering toward problematic gambling.

Sixty-six percent would like to see the passage of igaming legislation [geolink href=””]for the purpose of taxing[/geolink] the online games and using the obtained revenue for state programs such as education. While 18% remained undecided regarding allowing law enforcement in Pennsylvania to oversee possible criminal activity involved with online gambling websites, 52% were in favor and 30% opposed.

Should a legislator push an agenda that includes protecting children from igaming, funneling revenue to state programs, and allowing state police to enforce fraudulent activity, that lawmaker would receive the vote of 61% of those polled. Seventeen percent said they would vote for another candidate.

Pennsylvania has been the most active in terms of seriousness regarding being the next state in line to pass online poker and gambling legislation. The poll results indicate a willingness among citizens to embrace igaming regulation, which is always crucial when lawmakers actually get to the stage of voting on a proposed bill.

A bill introduced by Pennsylvania Rep. John Payne earlier this year meets the need of the citizens queried in the Omega Group poll. If passage does not come to fruition in 2015, legislation of online poker in Pennsylvania may happen next year.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett