Poker Player Earns Probation After Crazy Behavior and Threats to Casino

With all the craziness that has taken place in 2020, it is easy to forget odd things that happened in 2019. Let us refresh your memory about a few incidents involving poker player Kenneth Strauss. The poker player was disqualified last year from the WSOP after exposing himself and other odd acts, then got in trouble for threatning a Las Vegas casino on social media. His behavior was quite odd, and Strauss just now has been able to avoid jail time and receive only probation for his actions.

Crazy WSOP Incidents

During the 2019 WSOP, Strauss was the main subject of discussion among players. He was taking part in one of the poker events at the Rio when he decided to remove his pants and expose himself. He even threw a shoe at a fellow player.

Because of his actions, players started to call him the Naked Bandit. After that incident, Strauss would do a few other odd things, both in his clothes and without. He went to several casinos in Las Vegas and was found acting suspiciously. This include the Venetian, the Red Rock and the ARIA.

During an incident, Strauss was arrested and that day he posted a tweet that talked about shootings in Las Vegas and he pointed out the Venetian, stating that all the casinos that have him banned will be ‘destroyed effective immediately’.

This was considered a terrorist threat and Strauss was taken into custody after the comment.

The Charges

Strauss was eventually indicted on one count of conspiracy to make a threat or convey false information regarding a terrorist act. Last year, he was found incompetent when it came to stand trial. Strauss was ordered to complete more psychiatric testing.

Reports now indicate that Strauss has been given probation after cutting a deal with prosecutors. Based on a new ruling, he must complete mental health treatment and is not allowed to visit Clark County. He also must stay away from casinos in Las Vegas for two years.

During the sentencing, Strauss appeared on video. He stated that he was sorry for what took place and that he is focusing on improving his mental health.

This story was certainly an odd one and was unexplainable at the time. Now it is clear that the poker player had mental issues and hopefully he is getting the help he needs.

For 2020, the year has been quite unusual and the WSOP was not able to take place like it normal does year after year for decades. This year, the coronavirus pandemic has left us without a live WSOP, but instead an online version. Players have been taking part for a few days now as the WSOP has offered bracelet events in New Jersey and Nevada.

This weekend, the WSOP Online is open to international players as events will be offered via GGPoker. Players can compete in 31 total events via the WSOP and 54 at GGPoker.

So, the incident last year with Strauss is about as weird as things are right now. At least players are able to compete online and have access to some form of WSOP competition.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett