Poker Players Begin to Question Coronavirus and 2020 WSOP

The World Series of Poker is the most anticipated poker series offered annually in the United States and perhaps in the world. Players travel from around the globe to take part in the many WSOP events and with the schedule recently released, players are already making plans. However, some players are now worried about the series due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Disease Outbreak Concerns

Just recently, the 2020 Triton Super High Roller Series was postponed due to the coronavirus issue. Organizers decided to change the event dates to protect players. Because of the change, players began to take to the popular poker forum, TwoPlusTwo to discuss the coronavirus and their concerns for specific events, mainly the WSOP.

Players began to discuss if the WSOP might be strictly online for 2020 due to the virus outbreak. Some players even stated they are no longer going to play due to being freaked out about the possibility of contracting the sickness.

It is a real possibility as players travel from around the world to compete in the WSOP events. The coronavirus first began in China but confirmed cases have been seen in the United States. The spread of the coronavirus can take place within six feet of other people. At the card table, players will be much closer together.

It must also be considered that players will be sharing cards and chips. If anyone was infected with the coronavirus, it would potentially be easy to spread it to thousands of people within on event. However, right now, it is unclear if a person can get the coronavirus from touching a surface or object that has virus on it.

WSOP Response

The WSOP is very proactive in their response to player concerns as well as any potential issues regarding their big poker events. PokerNews spoke to the organizers of the series to find out exactly what they are thinking about the coronavirus. The US already has six confirmed cases and that number could grow depending on how many people the infected had contact with.

Vice President of Corporate Communications for the WSOP Seth Palansky provided an official statement, saying that they are monitoring the situation and will continue to look to experts in the field for guidance. As of right now, the events and schedule remain the same and should take place as normal.

With players currently discussing the coronavirus, it will be interesting to see if the turnout is lower than expected. The schedule has 61 events currently and if players are really concerned about catching the virus, they might opt to avoid the WSOP this year.

We shall see in the coming weeks what happens as far as the coronavirus is concerned and if it affects the WSOP by May. Officials will work hard to ensure that players are safe when traveling to Las Vegas to take part in the several months of poker action at the upcoming WSOP.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett