Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu Banned from Twitch After Responding to User via Chat

Poker pros often use streaming services to showcase their skill at the game. Fans and fellow players can tune in to the stream, watching as the pro makes decisions during big online events or even simple cash games. With streaming services, users have to follow the rules or pay the price. For poker pro Daniel Negreanu, he unfortunately did not act appropriately recently and has been banned after an incident took place over the weekend.

What Happened?

On Friday, Negreanu was streaming a bracelet event on While streaming, he often chats with those who are watching. This time however, he decided to respond to someone in a negative manner and it got him banned.

Negreanu used the F-word a ton and basically told the individual that he will knock them out, break their teeth, etc. He was threatening to the other person and it was later found out that the ‘victim’ had staid something untoward about Amanda Leatherman, the wife of Negreanu.

For his outburst, Negreanu was banned and as of Sunday, his Twitch channel was unavailable. Clips of the incident have also been removed. Twitch commented on the incident stating that acts and threats of violence will be taken seriously, and they are considered a zero-tolerance violation.

Twitch considers an act or threat of violence to be an attempt or threat to physically harm another person or kill them. An attempt or threat to hack, SWAT or DDos as well as use weapons to intimidate, threaten physically, harm or kill others.

More Details

After the incident first surface, Amanda, the wife of Negreanu, spoke out stating that her husband was only defending her based on the bad things the use was saying in the chat. After being asked to comment himself, Negreanu said he would be making a statement via YouTube as he competed in the WSOP.

However, he was unable to read a prepared statement after he busted out during the first hand once he started the stream. He did apologize for what happened and talked to the viewers of his channel for about 16 minutes before logging off.

Aside from this ordeal, Negreanu has been doing well this year despite the loss of land-based poker for now. He has competed in the WSOP online and managed to cash out 15 times. He is vying for a 7th bracelet and has stated he is willing to bet as much as seven figures on whether he will earn it.

It will be interesting to see if any consideration will be given to Negreanu due to the nature of the statements. Most likely, Twitch will uphold their ban since they say that they have a zero tolerance for such behavior, no matter the circumstances.

At least Negreanu has other avenues he can use for streaming his gameplay including YouTube. The WSOP Online continues with plenty more events to go and Negreanu will continue streaming as he tries to earn his next gold bracelet, adding to his collection.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett