PokerNews and 888poker Teaming Up

More big news is coming from the world of online poker as PokerNews and 888poker are teaming up for a massive event. It’s already been a big start to the year for this industry, but the latest announcement is going to be one that players will want to check out.

The first-ever PokerNews Online Championship is coming later this month, and it’s going to be a week-long event with some massive prizes available. Over $1 million is currently guaranteed as part of this festival, but that number could actually grow based on interest. 

There will be over 40 champions during this tournament, and the action is slated to start on February 25th and last until March 5th. With so many different buy-ins and formats available, there will be something for all 888poker players to enjoy. 

Two Main Events

There are 43 different tournaments in all on the schedule, but the two main events are expected to draw the biggest crowds. That is typically the case with any tournament series, but the main events in this series are going to be a bit different. 

Both of these events are played as a mystery bounty, and there is both a mini version and a traditional main event. The mini bounty has a buy-in of just $25, and there is over $50,000 in guaranteed prize money available. 

Getting into the main event will come with a buy-in price of $215, but the overall prize pool is set at $300,000. That is the tournament expected to generate the most action, but it’s also going to be difficult to win. 

Day 1s are starting on February 25th for each event, and there will be multiple Day 1s for those who are interested. For those that qualify, day 2 of each event will take place on March 4th and will continue until a winner is named. 

For those who are interested in more than just prize money, the winner of the biggest main event will also bring home a commemorative trophy. PokerNews is going to be providing live updates of the event, and the action can also be streamed. 

A Look at More Tournaments

The smallest guaranteed prize pool at the online championship will be just $2,000, and that’s a tournament for players just starting out in this industry. The action is going to start on February 25th for an event that has an $11 buy-in and a prize pool of $12,000.

Outside of the Day 1 action on the two main events, there will also be five other tournaments taking place on February 25th. All of those tournaments will conclude on the same day, and more than $235,000 is going to be handed out right away. 

Not only have these two groups teamed up to deliver a series with huge payouts but there are so many intriguing types of tournaments available. A special “Cut to the Chase” tournament will be held during this series, and it’s unlike anything ever played before.


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