PokerStars Announces New Summer Series with $25m in Guaranteed Prize Money

With summer almost here and players taking to online poker like it’s a brand-new form of entertainment, PokerStars is offering up a quality new series filled with events and tons of cash. The new Summer Series will begin on June 7th to the 21st across the shared liquidity network of PokerStars, featuring an amazing 166 events. Buy-ins will range from a low $11 to $530, allowing players of all bankrolls to compete.

Tons of Cash Up for Grabs

One of the main draws to an online poker series such as the Summer Series is the amount of cash up for grabs. With this series, players are competing for $25 million. This amount will be spread across the 166 events, with many tournaments expecting to see the guaranteed prize money increase. Some of the larger events including the $55 NLHE Progressive KO Main Event and the $530 NLHE Progressive KO Main Event.

Like many of PokerStars events, there will be low and high versions of the same event. The Low version of the Main Event is the $55 option, which offers a $1 million prize pool. For the High $530 event, the prize pool will double to $2,000,000.

Kicking Off with Several Events

The Summer Series kicked off yesterday with Event #1, a $55 NLHE 8-Max event with a $175,000 guaranteed prize pool. Soon after, Event #2 offered up even more prize money at $200,000. Additional events on the schedule for the first day include #5 which offered $1.5 million in prize money as a Sunday Million along with Event #6, a Sunday Storm with $300,000 in prize money up for grabs.

The schedule is really long and full of several events each day of the series. Players can easily log on any day while the Summer Series is offered to find something to compete in. The series runs through June 21st, so there is plenty of time to take part.

The events start each day mid-morning and run through the evening, allowing players to enjoy a tournament by working around their schedule. Play before work in the mornings or in the evenings when you arrive home. PokerStars created a full lineup so players would be able to compete at most any time of day.

Online poker has seen a surge of activity as of late due to the coronavirus outbreak. Around the world, people are staying home due to fear of catching the disease or due to stay at home orders. As players are staying home more frequently, they are looking for entertainment. Online poker has become an option that players are using to avoid boredom and poker sites are seeing more than normal traffic because of it.

It will be interesting to have a look in late June at the Summer Series totals. There is no doubt that the online poker series will do well and see a large number of players participating, due to the number of events as well as the massive amount of cash up for grabs.

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Jacqueline Packett