PokerStars Begins Bounty Builder Series

It seems progressive knockout tournaments are essential here lately via the online poker world. First, GGPoker announced a new series featuring this tournament type and now PokerStars has launched its own with the Bounty Builder Series. At PokerStars, the special series will include 213 events, all of which will take place in Progressive Knockout format. Players can compete for as low as $1.10 and the series will offer over $30 million in guaranteed prize money.

Get to Know the Bounty Builder Series

The Bounty Builder Series began on October 11 and will continue through October 25. The idea behind the series was to provide a way for players of PokerStars to give their bankroll’s a boost. Beginner players can get in on the action and start earning bounties which will only add to their playing cash.

Progressive knockouts are really popular at online poker rooms these days and are a great way to earn cash even if you get knocked out yourself. The series began on October 11 with a total of 15 events on the schedule. Players will find No Limit Hold’em among the variants on the schedule as well as Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Omaha 8-handed.

One of the highlights of the schedule is the Main Events. The Bounty Builder Series will include an 8-Max Main Event in NLHE with a $530 buy-in, with this event featuring a $2.5 million prize pool. On the lower end, players can compete in the $55 buy-in NLHE Main Event, also in 8-Max with a $1 million prize pool.

The larger Main Event has the highest guaranteed prize pool on the schedule, with the second highest going to the $109 NLHE Sunday Million SE. This event will feature a $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool. There is also a High Roller event on the schedule, the $530 NLHE Bounty Builder High Roller SE, featuring a $1 million prize pool.

Trying a New Structure Format

During the Bounty Builder Series, PokerStars will be trying out a new structure format. In general, a tournament that starts at a certain blind level will continue with that same level throughout or increase it later on in the event. With this series, it will be a bit different.

According to Poker Industry PRO, the brand will be using decreasing blind levels. An example of this is one NLHE event, where the levels start at 15 minutes and remain at that level for six rounds. Then, the blind level decreases to 10 minutes. This is an interesting twist that will provide something different to those participating.

Not all events will follow this format. Be sure to read the details of an event to see what the levels will begin at and how they will progress, be it decreasing, increasing or staying the same.

Once this series comes to an end, it will be exciting to see just how many people competed and who took down the most bounties. Will PokerStars see the $30 million prize pool guarantees increase or will they have to come up with overlays? We shall see!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett