PokerStars Changes up Reward Chests to Provide More Value to Players

Earning rewards is a major reason why many players visit online poker rooms. From comp points to reward dollars, online operators offer various ways to earn incentives. Players enjoy taking part in rewards so that they can get tickets to tournaments and cash rewards. At PokerStars, the brand has decided to switch things up a bit and change the odds for its Chest rewards. The Chests are a popular option at the site and with the change, players will have a better shot at earning the average value instead of lower.

Increasing the Odds

PokerStars have changed the odds per level so that players will have a higher chance to earning a chest of average value at their level. The online poker platform reports that odds have increased from 20% to 58%.

The average worth for all levels has basically stayed the same except for the blue chests. For the blue, the average value moved from $0.50 to $0.60. This is a small monetary increase but actually a 20% increase from the previous amount.

Because of the prize increase, the smallest reward a player can earn is bigger than normal. The percentage also helps to provide more people with a chest that is closer to the average than under. PokerStars had to change the frequency in which chest values are rewarded for each player level.

While the number of average chests has increased based on reward percentage, the largest has decreased. In the past, PokerStars was providing the biggest chest at any level 10x out of 1000x. Now, the large chest will be rewarded only one time out of 1,000.

Boosting the Experience

PokerStars made the change in March and did so quietly. The goal was to enhance the overall player experience at the site. Even though the larger chests are harder to come by now, players are more likely to receive an average value instead of a low chest. In the past, players often would open low chest after low chest, which can get annoying over time.

Basically, the chest experience is more positive now, as players can expect average rewards instead of lower ones. The change is perfect for recreational players, as they are not taking on a huge volume and are not opening as many chests as professional players would. So, the average player can expect to earn solid rewards instead of options on the low end.

For the online poker provider, they offer the same rewards program across the board, in general. Players in the United States will find the same rewards options when taking part in gaming in regulated markets.

In the US, players must fill a progress bar and once it is full, a chest is provided. Once ten chests have been earned and opened, then a new level is acquired in the program. Rewards are also tailored to the preferences of the player. Players who prefer poker will earn cash bonuses, tournament tickets, and other incentives. Players who play casino games and place sports bets will earn rewards in that regard.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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