PokerStars Debuts Hank’s Home Games Online Poker Show

Hank Azaria is best known for his role as a voice actor in the FOX television series The Simpsons. However, he is also a fan of poker. He often plays the game with friends and just recently started hosting Hank’s Home Games online so fans can tune in and money can be raised for charity. The show airs on PokerStars YouTube channel and the first episode took place earlier this week. Tune in and watch as celebrities play cards and raise money for charity.

Sunday’s Shenanigans

On Sunday, the first episode of Hank’s Home Game aired. Hank and his celebrity friends play a home poker game online and fans get to check out the hole cards and laugh as the celebrities cut up and try to make moves.

In this episode, you have Hank of course, as well as Michael Ian Black, best known for his role in The State. Michael Cera of Juno and Superbad fame took part along with Josh Charles, best known for his role in Dead Poet’s Society and who could forget, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. Don Cheadle and Jon Hamm also played, known respectively for roles like in Iron Man and Mad Men.

Each player had a charity of choice they were playing for in the event. The game was played online of course, and we could see each celebrity as they took part. The game is around two hours long and provides players with 10,000 in chips. Players can rebuy if they bust out but the net profit or loss at the end will determine the player’s standings at the end of the event.

There are six places in the tournament. The last place finisher earns $2,000 for their charity while fifth place earns $3,000. Fourth place takes home $5,000 while third earns $8,000. Second place is able to provide $12,000 for their charity of choice while $20,000 is given to the first-place winner.

Why Hank’s Home Game?

You may be wondering why PokerStars decided to launch the special YouTube series, Hank’s Home Game. The idea came from the Stars CALL For Action—Powered by PokerStars charity game. This game was hosted by Azaria in May of last year.

The game has more than 90 celebrities take part and over $1 million was raised for various charities. The event had the same type of format, with celebrities competing for their charity of choice. In the end, it was David Costabile who earned the first-place win, donating $100,000 to World Central Kitchen.

Because of the event’s success, PokerStars thought it would be a great idea to create something similar and offer it to the public for viewing. Thus, Hank’s Home Game was born. It is unclear as to how many episodes PokerStars plans to air of Hank’s Home Game. However, we imagine if the events are a success and fans tune in, then the celebrity list will continue to grow and the home games will keep on with new faces and more fun times ahead.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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