PokerStars Launches New Grand Tour Sit & Go Tournaments

PokerStars is known as the top online poker operator for many reasons. One of which is that the operator continues to offer new and exciting gaming options for players. They are constantly adding new games and formats so that players have something new and exciting to play. Just recently, the brand announced a new tournament option titled Grand Tour Sit & Go’s. This new format includes PKO elements and Spin & Go’s, as well as new features.

Getting to Know Grand Tour Sit & Gos

With the Grand Tour, players have access to exciting tournament action that includes all types of features. The launch of this new product was done at the same time as the brand announced results from a new survey that showed around one third of players in the UK cycle each month. To put poker gaming and cycling together was a challenge, but PokerStars has managed to do it with the Grand Tour.

To celebrate, players have a chance to win a new custom-made bike from PokerStars. So not only do you get to access new gaming options, but you can also try to win this cool bike contest. To create the Grand Tour idea, PokerStars had to think outside the box. The recent survey gave the brand an idea and they decided to go with it.

With Grand Tour, players can become involved in a virtual bicycle race and progress through stages of a four-handed SNGs that are quick paced. Players will find these games in the lobby of PokerStars under the tab labeled Grand Tour. The SNGs include progressive knockouts as well as random win multipliers.

Playing Grand Tour

There are five different buy-in levels for this race. The lowest entry amount is $1 and the highest is just $60. This makes Grand Tour affordable for everyone. The way to win a race is to reach the $100 mark within a progressive bounty of another player.

Each sprint or SNG will have four players and it will play down until one player remains. This can take from five to ten minutes. For every player that you eliminate, half the bounty goes on your head. Another percentage is paid to you in cash.

On top of that, the cash won in each flight is multiplied at random. There is a random multiplier element in Grand Tour that is also found in Spin & Gos. The value of this multiplier is 1x to a whopping 6000x. the highest stakes games will be the only ones to offer the larger multiplier option.

Players must compete in games where the bounty average is $10.80 or higher to have a chance to win the 6000x prize. For any options lower than this, the top prize is 300x.

This new option is sure to be a big hit among players. Members of the online poker room have already earned big prizes including one player who banked almost $150,000 by starting at the $12 level! Check out this new option today by visiting PokerStars.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett