PokerStars Launches new Neymar Jr. Themed Spin and Go

Not long ago, PokerStars decided to sign a new cultural ambassador. Neymar Jr., the popular football star, was named the new ambassador, set to represent the brand in many ways. Just this month, the online poker platform announced that its popular lottery sit and go, known as Spin and Go, is now rebranded to feature Neymar Jr. Titled Spin and Goal, the new format has a unique look and plenty of prize money to be won.

Spin and Goal

There are differences in the Spin and Go and new Spin and Goal option. First, the look has changed. The Goal format has a football (soccer) theme. The option also launches just in time for the UEFA Euro 2021, which should generate plenty of buzz around the new SNG release. The event did not take place last year, so this time around, it is expected to draw a ton of fan attention.

The standard formula was used to create Spin and Goal, but there are a few changes. The $5 game offers a much larger top prize pool of $1.2 million. Players can also compete for $5 tickets in weekly freerolls, which helps to earn a seat to the Spin and Goal with the big prize money up for grabs.

Take part in Spin and Goal with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $250. Prizes of $1 million can be won in games with buy-ins of $100 or more. Of course, the $5 event offers the larger prize as well a special incentive.

To win a seat to the $5 Spin and Goal, players can take part in the weekly Neymar Jr Spin & Goal Freeroll. The event takes place each Sunday at 2pm eastern time.

In the football theme tournament, three players are seated at the felt. However, instead of it being felt, you are seated on the football field. The look is fun and doesn’t take away from the overall playing style of the Spin & Go.

Spin & Go Flash

While you are playing the Spin & Goal option, why not try another format, the Spin & Go Flash. While Spin & Go’s are typically already quick to complete, the Flash version is even faster. You start the tournament with 300 chips and blind levels go up every minute.

To play one of the Flash versions, you need to look for the lightning symbol in the Spin & Go lobby. This is a great option for players who need to finish up quickly, but still want to take part in the Spin & Go style variant.

If speed is not your style, just stick to the Spin and Goal option or play the old format. However, the new Spin and Goal is going to offer you much larger prize pools, especially the $5 buy-in option. While you are not guaranteed to win the big $1.2 million, its still an option, so definitely something to consider.

Be sure to check out all the other options that PokerStars has on offer while visiting. There is always something new to explore, be it a tournament, promotion, contest or cash game option!

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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