PokerStars Launches New SNG Format Via French Market

It is not uncommon for an online poker platform to launch new gaming options as well as new formats. To keep things fresh and exciting, new content is added on a relatively regular basis. For online poker room PokerStars, the brand just recently launched a new poker format for SNG players in the French market. The new option combines SNG elements with random bounty prizes and a shootout tournament.

La Course

Known as La Course, the new Sit & Go format is themed after a cycling tour. The SNGs are 4-handed and are launched in progressive knockout format. There is a six step progressive buy-in associated with the format where players can work to earn their own bounty as well as additional prize money.

In France, the new option is live but can only be played with play money. Real money will launch soon and then the format will be distributed throughout the market in the future. When the game is live in France for real money gameplay, players will have the option to buy at €1, €2, €5, €12, €25, or €60.

To begin, players are given 1000 to 2500 in chips, based on the buy-in level. Blinds will increase every four hands at the low stakes round. They will increase every six hands at higher stakes. With every player that you knock out, the bounty on your head goes up.

Severin Rasset, The Stars Group Managing Director and Commercial Officer, Poker, stated that the poker industry has never seen anything like La Course. Its fast, competitive and progressive.

Key Features

During the game, players will be able to build their own bounty but also possibly win a random bounty prize. There are bounty prizes offered that range from 1x to 6000x the opponent’s bounty value. Basically, players may earn more for knocking out a player based on a randomly applied multiplier.

As players compete in the new La Course, they can move on to the next sprint after winning or save it for later. This is a quality aspect of the new SNG option that is helpful for players who have limited time to play online poker.

Another interesting point to consider is the bounty value. When knocking someone out of La Course, players will earn a percentage of the bounty added to their value as well as a percentage provided in cash. The more successful you are in knocking players out, the higher your bounty grows.

It will be interesting to see how players react to this new gaming option. Once real money is an option, we should see players logging in to give this new SNG format a try. Eventually, players in other regions of the world will have access to the new format as well. It could be that PokerStars has a new hit on their hands and players will really take to the new option and play it more than the traditional SNG options found at the online poker platform.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett