PokerStars NJ Offering Up Special Spin & Go Offering with $1m in Prize Money

The jackpot Sit ‘n Go style online poker gaming option found at major poker providers is one that has gained in popularity over the years. The option allows players to take part in SNG gaming with the added benefit of earning a jackpot prize. The prizes vary and players have been able to earn a nice chunk of change just by winning the event. In New Jersey, PokerStars has launched a special offering involving the jackpot SNGs that is offering players a $1 million prize for just $1!

$1 Million Spin & Go

The new option just began last weekend and is offered to players every Saturday. There is not end date set right now, so if the SNG offering is popular enough, it would not be surprising to see PokerStars NJ continue to provide this option to members.

The value of this new option is massive. With only a $1 buy-in, it is quite possible that players can earn $1 million in prize money. Even the runners-up can win a huge amount of cash if part of the $1 million game. Players that are located at the table when the million dollar prize is hit can earn at least $100,000 just for being at the table.

Even some of the smaller jackpot prizes award players nice prizes. In some instances, players can win a $200 or $100 prize. Considering that the buy-in is just $1, this is a nice return.

MTT Leaderboard Action

On top of the $1 million SNG option, PokerStars NJ is also offering an MTT Leaderboard competition. Players can easily take part in this as well, to try and earn even more prizes. Players who finish at the top of a regular MTT in the 15% section will be given points for the Tournament Leader Board.

At the end of the month, the points are totaled, and tickets can be won. The tickets earned can be used for real money tournaments at PokerStars NJ. The top 60 finishers on the leaderboard will be given a portion of $7500 in tournament tickets. The ticket prices range from $25 to $1500.

These are just two examples of the many online poker options offered at PokerStars NJ. Players have access to a ton of cash gaming as well as tournament events. Easily take part in SNGs, MTTs, cash games, special events and more, just by being a member of the PokerStars site.

The brand has seen a great deal of traffic over the past few months in the state as New Jersey was hit hard by the coronavirus. Players have taken to enjoying online poker as casinos were shut down and social distancing is the best way in order to avoid the virus.

The online poker market as done so well, that it reached the $3 and $4 million range over the past few months regarding revenues earned. It seems a new trend has started with players taking part in online poker gaming now more than ever!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett