PokerStars Offering Half Price Sunday in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

PokerStars PA and PokerStars NJ has just launched a brand-new option that poker players are sure to be excited about. Both states now have access to Half Price Sunday which offers players an opportunity to take part in solid gaming options at a much lower buy-in.

Sunday Action

In Pennsylvania, this Sunday is a day you want to log in and play online poker. The buy-ins of some of the most popular events will be half off. The guarantees will stay the same, so there is good opportunity to earn solid prizes while taking part. Take for example, the Sunday Warm Up. On half price day, the buy-in is just $15 and the prize pool is still $10,000.

The most value is seen during the Half Price Sunday Special and the Half Price Sunday High Roller. These events offer the largest prize pools on Sundays. First, you have the Sunday Special which offers a $50 buy-in with an $85,000 prize pool. Then you have the Sunday High Roller, which has a $125 buy-in and a $25,000 prize pool.

On top of the lower buy-ins, the events also offer satellites. So, players can choose to try to win a spot at a much lower buy-in if they want. But the buy-ins are already pretty low just with the half-price cut off.

In New Jersey, the same action applies. The Sunday events will be marked at Half Price, with five tournaments taking part in the discount. The largest events are the Sunday Warm Up and the Sunday Special. The Warm Up has a buy-in of $25 and offers a $10,000 prize pool. The Sunday Special is even larger, at $40,000 in prize money and a $100 buy-in.

For both states, the Half Price tournaments will not accept tournament tickets won by players in previous events.

Tons of Tournament Action

Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania should see an uptick on Sunday wit player participation. The Half Price day is sure to see players registering for at least one event if not several. It is the Fourth of July weekend, so players will be spending time at home, if off from work. With social distancing in full swing in every state within the US, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, players are choosing to stay at home and play online to stay safe from the coronavirus.

Player traffic has continued to incrsae, with the Summer Series in Pennsylvania experiencing larger player pools. The series just finished up on June 28 and offered 38 events. Originally, the series was suppose to offer $750,000 in guaranteed prize money. However, the series ended up paying out $1.2 million due to the high number of players competing.

This Half Price day is sure to be a hit as well. We shall see just how much higher the traffic numbers are and if enough players take part that the guaranteed prize pools are increased. Hopefully, the prizes are jacked up significantly so the prize winners earn a hefty payday!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett