PokerStars Offering Millions in Platinum Passes During Next Few Months

The PokerStars Players Championship 2020 might not be scheduled until August 20th, but PokerStars is already offering up a ton of value via Platinum Passes to the event. Over the next few months, players will be able compete in various events to try and win one, with close to $7 million the passes up for grabs.

Platinum Madness

PokerStars is not playing around when it comes to handing out Platinum Passes. On social media last week, the brand announced they will be providing over 230 Platinum Passes from now until the PSPC takes place in August. To kick things off, the brand is offering 21 Passes over 21 days via the Platinum Madness event.

What’s crazy is that PokerStars has already given away close to $3 million so they will essentially be handing over $10 million in passes to the big event by the time August rolls around. The PSPC first took place in January 2019 and at that time, PokerStars gave out 320 Platinum Passes. With over 90 already handed out for this year and 230+ to go, the brand will certainly beat last years giveaway.

Players took to the PSPC as expected with over $26 million up for grabs via more than 1,000 player entries. The event had a buy-in of $25,000 and was the largest $25,000 poker tournament to take place in the history of the game. The winner of the event, Ramon Colillas, was able to take part in the big event after earning a Platinum Pass via PokerStars.

Get Your Pass

So, how does one win a Platinum Pass? There are several ways to do so, including the PokerStars new option called Platinum Madness. Opt in to the special promotion by visiting the Challenges Window of PokerStars. This provides you with a board.

You will then need to play real money games and along the way, Stars Rewards Chests will be earned. The chests will need to be open to reveal a dice roll. With the roll of the dice, you move along the Platinum Madness gameboard.

As you move through the board, you will have a chance to land on a PSPC chest. Open the chest and you may find a Platinum Pass inside! Once you reach the end of the board, you will find a special chest that offers even more prizes and the potential to win another Platinum Pass.

Over the next few months, PokerStars is sure to be ripe with traffic as every online poker player tries to get their hands on a Platinum Pass. With so many up for grabs, there is potential that everyday Joes will be in the mix among the top poker players in the industry during the Championship event.

We will stay tuned and provide more information on new ways to earn passes as well as offer up full details of the PSPC This August.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett