PokerStars PA Launches The Vault

Online poker players in the US have access to gaming option in specific states. Pennsylvania legalized online poker gaming in 2017 and began offering services last year. Since that time, PokerStars has been the sole provider, offering up cash games, tournaments, promotions and more. Just a few days ago, PokerStars PA announced a new option called The Vault. Through August 30, players can compete in this new contest with $175,000 in prize money up for grabs!

Discover the Vault

The Vault takes a cue from Vegas style and uses four characters as its premise, Ace, Jack, King Pin and Queenie. To take part, players need to opt in. Once in the contest, players will earn points based on their online poker gaming. Three special chests appear in each players account and have a three-digit combination lock plus The Vault.

Once enough points are earned, a special chest is presented in the space where a standard PokerStars Rewards Chest is placed. This chest includes the number needed to unlock to red, yellow or blue chest. The locks that are located on the chests are color-coded. The blue lock needs blue numbers, red lock needs red numbers and the yellow lock needs yellow numbers.

Players have to pay attention though as the numbers and colors of the chests can be in any combination. Players may also receive repeated numbers. In total, there are nine numbers. There are no repeated numbers in each player’s sequence. In each of the chests, there is a prize that is worth up to $5,000. Once you open a chest, you then can see what’s inside.

Once the red, blue and yellow chests are opened, The Vault will open. In here, players can earn another prize, this time worth up to $15,000. The amount of cash on offer per player is based on VIP level.

Master Key

If you know anything about banks or vaults, then you know that there is a master key that unlocks everything. At PokerStars, there is also a master key. One time a week during The Vault, for a two hour time frame, players can earn reward points that get them to a special target. The special hours are from 9:00 ET to 15:00 ET.

If the target is met, then the majority of the time, a player will be given a key to one of the special chests, bet it red, blue or yellow. However, for a small percentage, around 10%, players will receive a master key that immediately opens The Vault.

Players have through the two-hour time period to finish the challenge. Once the time expires, the countdown clock is removed, and players are no longer able to compete for the master key or chest keys.

The number of reward points players need to earn in the special time frame depends on the Stars Reward Level.

The Vault just started at PokerStars PA, so players still have plenty of time to take part. By the end of the special contest, it will be interesting to see how many players earn master key’s as well as how many get inside their vaults!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett