PokerStars PA to Host Second Pennsyl-MANIA This Weekend

PokerStars PA is the only online poker option currently on offer in Pennsylvania. For players to get their online poker fix, they must be a member of the site. This is of course, not a bad thing, as PokerStars offers the best in gaming options. The site continues to offer new and exciting options for its members on a regular basis. Pennsyl-MANIA is a customized poker event that took place at the site back in May that is now set to start again this weekend. This time around, the event will be much bigger than before with even more prize money up for grabs.


In May, the first-ever Pennsyl-MANIA took place and had a $250,000 prize pool guarantee. The event was such a success, that it offered the largest tournament prize pool in the history of online poker in the state. This time around, the online poker site will be offering even more, with a $350,000 guaranteed prize pool. The event was so popular the first time around and with the larger prize pool, it will not be surprising to see the tournament set a new record.

The tournament will take place over two days, kicking off on August 23. The event has a $200 buy-in. players are allowed to reenter up to five times during the late registration period. The tournament provides 15,000 in starting stacks and blind levels will increase every 16 minutes.

Day 1 will continue for seven hours and 45 minutes. Day two will restart the action and take place on August 24.

Back in May, there were 1,760 entries and just over 1,000 re-entries. This created a huge prize pool of $515,964. This was more than double the $250,000 guarantee. For the August event, it is expected that the tournament will set another record. With more money up for grabs, players are sure to register and reenter in record numbers.

Satellites and Freeroll Options

Like any online poker event, there are satellites and freerolls that can be used for entry. Satellites have been running all week and most have a $10, $20 or $30 buy-in. There are also more less expensive $5 options.

On top of satellites, PokerStars PA is offering a special Depositor Freeroll. This event is offering up $10,000 in buy-ins to the top finishers. The freeroll will take place in the early afternoon of August 23, right before the tournament kicks off.

To be eligible for the freeroll, players must deposit $30 or more by 1:59 pm Eastern time this Sunday. The special bonus code MANIA must be used when depositing. The top 50 will be provided seats toe the big event.

We will stay tuned to all the action as it happens, covering just how many players compete as well as who wins and if the tournament set new records for PokerStars and the online poker market of Pennsylvania. It is sure to be a big weekend of poker at the site! Players must be located in the state of Pennsylvania to take part but can easily do so if located in the neighboring state by simply crossing the state line and logging in via mobile.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett