PokerStars Players Championships Still on for August

One of the most anticipated poker events on the schedule this year is the PokerStars Players Championship or PSPC. For 2020, this would be the second edition of the series and players look forward to attending, earning passes along the way as PokerStars offers many ways for players to compete. However, this year, the coronavirus has posed a threat to poker gaming. While many major events are being postponed or cancelled, so far, the PSPC is still going to take place.

Still on the Schedule

This week, officials of PokerStars have stated that the PSPC will go on as planned, despite the massive outbreak of the coronavirus. The event is set to take place in Spain and the virus is spreading in that area of the world, along with tons of other places.

So far, over 125,000 people have been infected worldwide. The World Health Organization has deemed the issue a pandemic as over 4,600 people have died since the outbreak began last December. Most of the cases occurred in China, which is where the virus began. However, it quickly spread to other regions of the world including the United Kingdom and United States.

Several events have already been affected by the virus including the Road to PSPC global tours provided by PokerStars in regions like Spain, Germany and France. For the PSPC, the event will take place in Barcelona and so far, PokerStars does not want to cancel or postpone the tournament. Spain has been hit with the infection with the number of those affected increasing.

Over the next few months, PokerStars may find they have no other choice but to cancel or postpone the event, depending on travel restrictions as well as if the virus is still spreading. In speaking with Pokerfuse, a spokesperson for PokerStars said that they are treating events on a case by case basis. So, thus far, the PSPC will be going ahead as normal. They will provide more details if anything changes as the event draws near.

Passes Already Provided

One of the ways that PokerStars builds a solid influx of players for the PSPC is via Platinum Passes. This year, the online poker brand has stated they plan on giving away over 320 Platinum Passes. The pass has a huge value as it offers entry into the event at almost $25,000 plus six nights’ accommodations and cash for expenses.

So far, PokerStars has given away over 50% of the 320 passes. The total amount provided is valued at almost $10 million. Around $8 million will go towards the prize pool of the event.

It will be interesting to watch as this story develops. Will PokerStars be able to host the massive event in Barcelona? Or will the coronavirus end up shutting it down? Perhaps we may see PokerStars move the event online? Only time will tell what will happen and we will be sure to update with any new reports as they are announced.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett