PokerStars Provides Details Regarding New Active Waiting List

Online poker provider PokerStars is known for being the best in the business. They put the customer first in everything they do and often take customer feedback and use it to make changes to improve the experience. Just recently, PokerStars announced a new feature titled Active Waiting List. The option was created for cash game players and to stop predatory behavior, essentially leveling the playing field at the felt.

What is Active Waiting List?

So, what is the Active Waiting List? What purpose does it serve? Essentially, the list makes it more difficult for players to find the less experienced players or those who are enjoying online poker recreationally. The list will reduce the time frame that players wait for a cash game seat as well as increase the number of games that can run at one time.

If you are familiar with cash gaming, then you know what a waiting list is. In general, you would be put in a feeder table and then added to the main game you wish to participate in. At PokerStars, the Active Waiting List is for players who want to join a full cash game. They must be actively playing at another table of the same type and then they are eligible for a seat.

In a live poker setting, a waiting list have a first come, first served policy. In online gaming, that policy does not apply. With the Active Waiting List, a drawing will take place to see who lands a seat at the desired table.

Let’s say 10 players are waiting for seating. A draw will take place among the group of players who wish to be seated in the game. They are all seated at other tables playing while they wait. The draw is weighted to favor players who have been waiting for a longer time frame, so there is still an incentive to be on the list earlier rather than later.

Encouraging Engagement

The goal of this new list is to encourage engagement in the game. If you are at a waiting table and a seat becomes available at a table you wish to join, you are not offered the seat unless there are no other players actively playing. This helps to stop players who are only trying to join games with weaker players.

Instead of passively waiting to join a seat at a table, the player must be playing to stay on the waiting list. This small element should help to stop those who are predatory in their behavior at the cash gaming tables.

PokerStars pointed out that they understand that players who use waiting lists to target weaker players will not be happy with the change. However, the intention of the online poker brand is to create a fair place for everyone. They want to ensure the ongoing health of the game and are confident that this change is one that will be a positive step in the right direction.

PokerStars will be taking player comments into consideration involving the Active Waiting List and will listen to feedback given.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett