PokerStars Sunday Million Increased Again After Continued Success

The PokerStars Sunday Million is already a popular event that takes place each week. Players continue to log on each Sunday to take part in the big event, in the hopes of claiming some of the guaranteed prize pool. Over the past two weeks, the Sunday million has seen record turnouts and PokerStars has decided to up the ante one again, this time around offering a whopping $2.5 million prize pool.

Continued Success

The last PokerStars Sunday Million to take place saw 23,301 players competing. With 8325 re-entries, the prize pool surpassed the $3.1 million mark, well over the $2 million guarantee. This coming Sunday, PokerStars is going to offer even more value, by upping the guaranteed prize pool to $2.5 million. It would not be surprising to see the prize pool increase again as players log on in record numbers to take part.

On March 22nd, the online poker room offered a huge guarantee for the Sunday Million in celebrating its 14th anniversary of the event. The tournament saw almost 100,000 people compete and the prize pool swelled up to $18.6 million. It was actually the largest online poker to take place in the history of PokerStars.

The next week, the Sunday Million attracted more than 23,000 players, which is about 50% more than the usual traffic of the event. The buy-in was set for $2 million and once the dust settled, the event saw over 31,000 players competing. It is expected that this weekend’s Sunday Million will be just as successful and see players logging on in record numbers to compete.

Coronavirus Pandemic Boom

In the current climate, online poker is booming due to the global coronavirus crisis. As more countries are affected, more people are being asked to stay home. With self-isolation comes boredom. For poker players, it is the perfect time to log online and play a few hands. With PokerStars, players have access to cash gaming as well as tournament events, such as the Sunday Million.

For cash game traffic, the tables have seen steady players and for tournaments like the Sunday Million, record turnouts are being recorded. Guarantees are easily increased as more players are taking part in such events than ever before. Operators like PokerStars are upping the ante so to speak in an effort to drive traffic and players are biting. There is no doubt that players are already making plans to take part in this upcoming event on Sunday due to the increase in the prize pool guarantee.

For the PokerStars Sunday Million, the event will run on April 12th. It will take place over two days with day 1 stopped after nine hours of gaming. Day two will kick off on April 13th.

It will be interesting to see after the event just how large the turnout is and if PokerStars will continue to push the guarantee even higher due to so much player participation. We could see a huge increase in prize money offered over the next few weeks as more players than ever log on to play.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett