Robert Mizrachi Joins Brother With Bracelet Win

There have already been some great stories surrounding the 2024 World Series of Poker, and a common name just took home another bracelet. Robert Mizrachi recently won his fifth career WSOP bracelet, and he has now matched his brother in career gold bracelets. 

Mizrachi was able to win the $10,000 Dealer’s Choice Championship, and it actually took a day longer than expected to end. There were just three players that returned for Day 4 of this event, but those players couldn’t get a winner on the scheduled final day. 

There were just 141 players in this tournament, but the fact that it was dealer’s choice made things a bit interesting. Not only did Mizrachi join his brother Michael in career gold bracelets at the WSOP, but he also won over $333,000. 

This is the tournament of choice for Robert Mizrachi, and he also won this event 10 years ago. Five of the top six players were from the United States, and that brought some additional excitement to the tournament. 

A Bit Underlooked

The last name of Mizrachi is well-known at the World Series of Poker, but most people are referring to Michael. While he has been given the nickname “The Grinder,” most have overlooked Robert over the last few years. 

In fact, Robert Mizrachi was able to draw some extra inspiration after listening to the WSOP $25K Fantasy Draft, and he went for just $1. That is the minimum that has to be paid for a player to be drafted, but Mizrachi has already cashed in for his team. 

Despite living in the shadow of his brother, Robert Mizrachi is still known as one of the best overall players in the world. With some other big names trying to win this tournament, Robert was able to prove his worth in a big way. 

Dealer’s choice tournaments are unique as players have to be able to have success in a number of different formats. Mizrachi expressed a sense of pride and relief after finally getting back in the winner’s circle. 

A Great Final Table

Ben Lamb, David Bach, and Richard Bai finished in fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively, and they fell just short of advancing to Day 4 of the event. All of those players took home at least $52,000, which is a nice payday after paying just $10,000 to enter the tournament. 

When the final day action started, Mizrachi had built up a nice chip lead over the other two competitors. Michael Martinelli from the United States and Ryutaro Suzuki of Japan were the other two players still in the mix. 

It was actually Martinelli that officially eliminated Suzuki, but that only came after Mizrachi stole a ton of chips. It was a 2:1 chip lead for Mizrachi entering heads-up action, and things never really got much closer. 

The final hand of the tournament was played as Pot Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, and that is a game that Mizrachi has been extremely successful at. He was able to eliminate Martinelli to walk away with the ultimate prize.


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