Rodgers Wins Main Event at the Venetian

The 2024 Card Player Poker Tour at the Venetian was recently held, and it was a local man that was able to come away with the big win. There were 458 entries into the $1,600 no-limit hold’em tournament, and Andrew Rodgers was able to come up with the win. 

Initially, there was a guarantee of $400,000 for this massive event, but the total cash pool ended up being more than $650,000. Rodgers didn’t end up getting the full top prize, but he was able to take home $103,936, and some big bragging rights. 

With the action heating up on the final table, Rodgers agreed to take a chop of the final prize with Ankush Mandavia. That was a notable final pairing as Mandavia won the event at the Venetian back in 2021. 

Rodgers lives in Henderson, Nevada, and this was by far his biggest payday that he has ever had throughout this professional career. He was initially raised in Alaska, but decided to move to Nevada for a chance to have some success at the game that he loves. 

Rodgers Pushing Hard

Not only did Rodgers take home a nice chunk of change by having the majority of the chop, he also earned 720 Card Player Player of the year points, and that could come in handy as 2024 moves along. If Rodgers wants to enter into some of the big events later this year, he could use those points to cash in.

This event started all the way back on February 15th and there were three full days of poker action in total. Just 59 players advanced to day two, and that number shrunk even more by the time it was time for the final few contenders. 

Rodgers was in just seventh place when it was time for the final table, and that means that he had to push hard in order to get back on top. His biggest win at the final table came against Zichuan Huang, and that allowed him to get near the top in terms of chip count. 

After going back and forth for a few rounds, the final two players decided to chop the pot, and Rodgers had a nice lead at that time. That did take away some of the drama, but it ended the night much earlier than it could have. 

Plenty of Payouts

All nine of the players that appeared at the final table received a payout of at least five figures, with Edward Holstein taking home $11,790 by finishing in ninth place in this matchup. Holstein also got 60 Player of the Year points with this performance, but those points got a lot bigger as time went on.

Richard Collins just missed out on getting into heads up play, but he still was able to take home $59,914 and 480 POY points by finishing in third place. Daniel Sepiol and Zichuan Huang finished in fourth and fifth place respectively, but both players had a rather disappointing end to their runs. 

This event didn’t attract as many of the biggest names in Nevada like some other events, but the action was still tremendous throughout the tournament. 


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