Run It Once to Launch New SNG Format Soon

In early 2019, Run It Once Poker launched after its initial beta testing phase was completed. At the time, the site focuses on cash games and has yet to offer anything new. That is until now. Officials of the site have announced that a sit n’ go format is coming. A tweet provided by Run It Once along with a blog post provided by founder Phil Galfond, provides insight on what is to come. Apparently, the brand has plans to introduce a unique twist to the SNG format that will give players something new to explore.

Regular and Lottery SNGs in One

Lottery style SNGs were introduced a while ago, with sites like PokerStars offering them on a regular basis, essentially creating a staple out of the option in the online poker world. For Run It Once, concerns over liquidity caused the owners to realize they could not offer regular options and lottery ones at the same time.

So, to solve the problem, the online poker site has created a new format, combining regular SNGs with the lottery style. It is not exactly a hybrid option, because players will be taking part in one option or the other. However, the games are all in one liquidity pool. The mechanics of the games are the same but the prize distribution is different.

To play, players must go to the SNG Select lobby. The slider in the lobby must be changed to Classic or CUB3D, which is the proprietary option for lottery SNGs at Run It Once. Players then choose the buy-in level to play in.

The game seats players in a three-handed hyper turbo game. Other formats will be added to the site in the future. The winner of a Classic option will earn a fixed prize. For players who chose CUB3D, the prize will be randomized, and can be up to 1,500x the buy-in.

Glitch Prizes

When Run It Once first launched, they offered player rewards via splashed pots. Cash drops were made at random in pots that players could compete over. For the SNG launch, a similar option has been provided. Known as Glitch Prizes, this option pays out additional cash to random finishers at any position. The amount will be around 10% of the buy-in.

Reportedly, the site is still working on the amount of the Glitch Prizes. In the beginning, there will be two amounts provided. This will most likely change as the team continues to work on the Glitch Prize concept.

Run It Once Poker is already a popular option among players. However, the new SNG launch should help the brand to gain new players, those who like to take advantage of this type of gaming. It will be interesting to see how the launch fares among existing players and how many new members sign up now that the brand will be offering even more new content options. The format should be popular among most players as it offers the lottery and traditional SNG components.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett