Sahara Las Vegas Holding Weekend Poker Tournaments

For months now, poker fans have been left without live options. Casinos shut down back in March as the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping across the United States and many are just now getting back to work. As the casinos reopened, certain amenities were lacking, including poker. It was unclear how to offer the game while keeping players safe from the transmission of the virus. Thankfully, some poker rooms are starting the action back up, with the Sahara Las Vegas being one such option. The casino is currently hosting special tournament events each weekend.

Solid Poker Gaming

The Sahara Las Vegas is home to a beautiful poker room. It is laid out well and offers a nice seating area for players while they take part in tournament options. Since the pandemic, the casino has been trying to find ways to build revenues. They are now offering a new No-Limit Hold’em tournament each Saturday and Sunday.

Players can come the casino and take part each weekend at 1 pm. The buy-in for the event is $120, which makes it quite affordable. Players can also pay $100 for a single re-buy. This option is offered until the sixth level begins. Any player who wishes to take part must be at least 21 years of age and have a Club 52 card.

The tournament offers 20,000 in chips with each buy-in. $100 of that buy-in is placed in the prize pool. A total of 100% of any rebuys will go to the prize pool. Every level of the tournament will last only 20 minutes. After five levels, the tournament takes a short ten-minute break.

During each event, the big blind starts at 100 and goes up each level. There are 24 levels in the tournament total. Winners are paid in cash or casino chips.

Safety and Health Precautions

Because the events are taking place during the pandemic, the casino is taking extra precautions for both health and safety. Each player must wear a face mask. The tables will have plexi dividers in place to help promote social distancing. The casino has taken on a SAHARA Cares health and sanitization program to ensure their players as well as employees are safe and healthy. Practices from the plan have been adopted by the poker room.

Only seven players are allowed per poker table. Players are encouraged to keep their distance from others at the table. The poker room has the rules and regulations listed so players can easily see what they can and cannot do.

Registration begins two hours before the event, so players can check out the details early, before the event begins. The poker room is open on the weekend from noon until 2 am. During the week, players can access the poker room from 6 pm until 2 am.

It will be interesting to see how much action the events pull as players are starting to travel back to Las Vegas. For poker players, the option is a good one as many venues have yet to open their poker rooms for gaming.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett