Satellite into Americas Cardroom´s Cage for Just $10

The Cage at ACRAmericas Cardroom has expanded the satellite schedule for its unique $1,000 buy-in Cage cash game, giving players the opportunity to qualify for just $10.00.

Americas Cardroom´s Cage is a high stakes cash game that has the format of a multitable tournament with regularly increasing blinds. Players buy-in for $1,000 + $50 and in return are “locked into” the Cage with 1,000 chips – each chip being worth $1.00.

Unlike a multitable tournament, the game does usually not conclude with a single winner. After five hours of play, all the players who have survived the action have their chips converted back into cash. Those that have been eliminated from the Cage get nothing.

In order to give as many players as possible the opportunity to experience this unique event, Americas Cardroom has recently extended its satellite schedule, and players can now start their qualifying path to the Cage from as little as $10.00.

More about the Cage

The Cage is played each Wednesday evening at Americas Cardroom at 7:00pm (ET). Unlike most big tournaments at Americas Cardroom, there is no late registration and players can be penalized for slow play if they take too long with their betting decisions.

The game is played in a 6-Max format over five blind levels – each lasting fifty-five minutes with a five minute break every hour:

  • Level 1 has $5/$10 blinds and $1 antes.
  • Level 2 has $8/$16 blinds and $1 antes.
  • Level 3 has $10/$20 blinds and $2 antes.
  • Level 4 has $15/$30 blinds and $3 antes.
  • Level 5 has $25/$50 blinds and $5 antes.

The game concludes at the end of Level 5 unless one player has won all the chips before the end of the game. Unlikely? You would think so, but it happened just two weeks ago when “Jammjanne” was the last man standing from nineteen players with thirty minutes remaining in the last level. You can watch the last half level of action below:

$10.00 and $20.00 Sub-Satellites this Afternoon

Americas Cardroom hosts plenty of opportunities for players to satellite their way into the Cage. $175.00 buy-in 6-Max Sit & Go games run around the clock, and there are also $40.00 buy-in “On Demand” Sit & Go games that guarantee one seat in the target event – plus more for each $1,050 in the prize pool.

However, possibly the most value-laden routes into the Cage are via the $10.00 and $20.00 buy-in sub-satellites that are played this afternoon at 7:10pm (ET) and 5:20pm (ET) respectively. Both sub-satellites feed into a $215.00 buy-in satellite at 9:00pm (ET) – which guarantees a minimum of three seats in tomorrow night´s Cage event – but each sub-satellite has a different format:

  • The $10.00 buy-in “Cage Super Sat” (7:10pm) is a re-buy and add-on 6-Max tournament that guarantees a minimum of two seats to the 9:00pm satellite. Players start with 3,000 chips, can re-buy 3,000 more for $10.00, and take advantage of a 10,000 chip add-on for another $10.00 at the end of the re-buy period.
  • The $20.00 buy-in “Cage Super Sat” (5:20pm) is a freezeout tournament with unlimited re-entries available during two hours of late registration (8 levels). Also played in 6-Max format, this sub-qualifier guarantees five seats in the 9:00pm satellite, plus additional seats for each $215.00 in the prize pool.

The opportunity to win a seat in tomorrow night´s Cage for just $10.00 only exists this afternoon. Therefore, if you want to emulate “Jammjanne” and show the world what a boss you are at the high stakes tables, you need to [geolink href=””]visit Americas Cardroom today[/geolink].

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett