Satellite In for One Penny via 888poker’s BIG Fish Tournaments

When it comes to online poker tournaments, most platforms will offer a way for players to earn a seat via a satellite. With this option, players pay much less than the buy-in to the event to take part. Satellites can start at just pennies, allowing players to work their way up steps or simply earn a seat to the big event by winning or finishing at the top in the satellite. At 888poker, the brand is offering BIG Fish events, with ways for players to satellite in starting at juts $0.01. This is a great way for players to compete without having to spend a ton of cash.

BIG Fish Details

The BIG Fish options are broken down into three sections. There is the $5.50 BIG Fish, where players can compete in the Pennybuy for $0.01 and earn seats to the $0.50 event. The $5.50 BIG Fish satellite has a buy-in of $0.50 and offers up to 50 tickets to the $5.50 event. Then, two events are offered at $5.50, one offering $5,000 and one providing $10,000.

Then you have the $16.50 BIG Fish. This event also has a Pennybuy which costs one cent to compete with seats to the $1.50 up for grabs. The BIG Fish Satellite has a $1.50 buy-in and provides 30 of the $16.50 tickets GTD. The BIG Fish $16.50 event has two options, a $5,000 and a $20,000 prize pool guarantee.

The last option is the $33 BIG Fish. This option has a $0.01 buy-in plus a $3.30 buy-in option. Players can also opt in to compete in the tournament directly with a $33 buy-in.

Additional Tournament Options

At 888poker, players have access to a ton of poker tournament content. Players can easily find a tournament to compete in based on buy-in or tournament type. In keeping with the fish theme, 888poker provides additional tournaments for online poker players such as The Whale and The Goldfish.

The Whale is the larger of the two, offering a $20,0000 guaranteed prize pool with a $320 buy-in. For players on a lower budget, players can compete in The Goldfish. This event has a buy-in of just $1 and offers a smaller, but still solid $2,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Building a Bankroll for Tournament Gaming

For online poker players, it is important to build a nice bankroll for tournament gaming. To do this, players can compete at the cash tables to build up a stack or take part in promotions for rewards. Either way, the bankroll can grow and then funds used to compete in various tournament events. With the options listed here, players can easily compete in several satellites due to the low Pennybuy or events that have a small $1 buy-in.

With a solid bankroll, you can play in poker tournament events at any time, especially when special events come up. Easily take advantage of events on offer by having a bankroll in place when opportunity arises. The BIG Fish is just one affordable option that players have available to them at 888poker.

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Jacqueline Packett