Schulman Scores Huge WSOP Win

There have been some big winners at the World Series of Poker up to this point, and you can now add Nick Schulman to that list. Winning at the WSOP is nothing new for Schulman, but this tournament win was a bit different than how he has gotten things done in the past. 

Schulman was able to win his fifth career WSOP gold bracelet, but his most recent win was the first time that it was done in a tournament that didn’t have mixed events. It was Event #26: $25,000 High Roller No-Limit Hold’Em that was the tournament in which Schulman got his big score. 

The total payout was more than $1.66 million, and that was easily the biggest cash for Schulman on the WSOP schedule. While most WSOP events tend to come with some drama, that wasn’t the case in this event. 

Schulman did work early at the final table in this event, and then he went on to eliminate a total of five o the seven players at the final table. Noel Rodriguez also won more than $1 million with a second place finish, but he was not able to put any pressure on Schulman in this event. 

Big High Roller Event

Most World Series of Poker events attract different styles of players, but that’s not the case when it comes to the High Roller events. There were just 318 players that entered this tournament, but that was still up from the 301 that entered the action last year. 

Since there were a record number of entries in this tournament, the total prize pool jumped all the way up to $7.4 million. While there wasn’t a ton of players in this tournament, there were some notable names in the field. 

Shaun Deeb was one of the players that were in the top 10 as the six-time bracelet winner finished in eighth place. David Stamm is another player that always seems to enter these events, and he won more than $529,000 with a fourth place finish. 

There wasn’t a huge chip lead for Schulman when the final day of action began, but Schulman was able to win a big hand against Rodriguez. That gave the four-time bracelet winner some momentum, and he went on a spree of eliminating opponents. 

Hall of Fame Coming?

To be eligible for the Poker Hall of Fame, candidates have to be at least 40 years of age. Schulman is going to hit that number later this year, and that could lead to him getting the call at some point. 

His first win at the WSOP came all the way back in 2009, and he has been a steady participant ever since that year. He has been tough to beat in events where multiple styles of poker are played, but there have been some close calls in no-limit action as well. 

Schulman has also put together a terrific career as a poker commentator, and that could help him gain some Hall of Fame traction.


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