Seiver Keeps Winning at WSOP

It’s not easy to win a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker, but there is one player that has already pick up two so far in the 2024 version of the event. Scott Seiver just picked up his second gold bracelet of the event, and it’s the sixth all-time win for him. 

This most recent win came in the $1,500 Razz Event, and it took Seiver three full days in order to get the job done. While playing poker for three days can be stressful, he was well out in front to make his most recent win a bit of a formality. 

He entered Day 3 with a huge chip lead, and then did what he had to do to keep everyone else well behind him. Not only did he pick up his second gold bracelet of this event, but he also won over $141,000 in this event. 

There were some other big names at the final table, and that made the win even more impressive for Seiver. Maxx Coleman and Ben Yu have both won gold bracelets in the past, and they were trying to keep the pressure on Seiver. 

This win came just two weeks after winning his fifth career bracelet, and he should now be on a path to being named to the Poker Hall of Fame. 

Final Table Action

Justin Liberto finished in 10th place in this event, and that set the participants at the final table. No one wanted to be eliminated at the final table as the first elimination didn’t happen until after an hour of nine-handed play. 

There were just four players eliminated before dinner, and that allowed five players to continue to compete well into the night. Sevier didn’t have much to do with many of the early eliminations, but he started to get aggressive when there were just three players remaining. 

Seiver had a reason to be aggressive at three-headed action as he had nearly half of the entire chips that were at the table. It was then that he won the largest pot of the entire tournament, and that basically guaranteed him a title. 

You can expect to see Sevier back in the mix later this week as it will be time for the $10,000 Razz Championship in Event #50. 

Huge Lead in POY Race

Not only is Seiver picking up some serious cash at the 2024 World Series of Poker, but he is also taking a huge lead in the Player of the Year race. Darius Samual had taken a slight lead in the race heading into the weekend, but everyone is now trying to track down Seiver.

Nick Shulman now sits in second place, but it is Seiver that is in the lead with 2,566 points so far this year. Poker legend Phil Ivey is still within striking distance as well, so Seiver is going to have to keep winning to stay on top. 

The 2024 WSOP schedule is nearly half complete, which means there are still some big tournaments to be played.


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