Share Your Grind with WPN´s New Railbird Observer Feature

New Raildird Observer Feature at Winning Poker NetworkThe Winning Poker Network has added an innovative new observer feature to its software, allowing players to share their grind with railbirds.

Imagine the scenario. You are running deep in the Winning Poker Network´s Million Dollar Sunday, and you want to share the excitement of potentially winning a life-changing amount. You message your buddies to tell them how well you are doing and invite them to follow your progress.

Unfortunately, not all your buddies have access to the poker software. Although they would like to follow your progress, they can´t – or rather they couldn´t until the Winning Poker Network recently released its new “Railbird” observer feature.

The Railbird feature allows you to send a link to your buddies that they can click or copy and paste into a web browser, and follow your progress via a pop-up Flash player. If you move to a new table, the live feed follows you, so your buddies are always by your side as you grind your way to glory.

Bragging Rights Now Come with Proof

Now, whenever you sit at any table at the Winning Poker Network, you will see a TV icon alongside the chip count underneath your username. By clicking on the icon, a link to the table will be copied to your computer´s clipboard. You simply share the link with your buddies via social media, email or IM.

How Railbird Observer Works

All your buddies need to watch your action is an up-to-date Flash player. There is no software to download or any need for them to have an account with any of the sites on the Winning Poker Network. Indeed, the Railbird feature is a great way to introduce non-poker-playing buddies to the game.

The feature works for tournaments, Sit & Go games and ring games, and can be a great tool not only for generating support during your grind, but also for getting helpful advice from your buddies or from more experienced players if you are relatively new to the game yourself. More information about how the new Railbird observer feature works is provided in the video below:

Feature Released in Time for OSS Cub3d

The new Railbird feature has been released with less than four weeks to go until the start of the Winning Poker Network´s forthcoming OSS Cub3d series. OSS Cubed consists of 141 events and guarantees a minimum of $6.7 million will be paid out in cash prizes between August 13 and September 10.

The feature event in the series is the Million Dollar Sunday tournament on September 3, but there are plenty of opportunities for big cashes either side of the feature event – including a Mini Online Super Series Main Event on August 20 and a Bigger Online Super Series Main Event on the series´ final day.

In addition to the cash prizes, the winners of each of the three big events will receive a sterling silver bracelet to mark their achievement. The top three players in the OSS Cub3d leaderboard competition running alongside the series will also receive sterling silver bracelets, as well as sensational packages to the Punta Cana Poker Classic in the Dominican Republic in October.

Try WPN´s New Railbird Feature Today

If you are excited at the prospect of playing in the OSS Cub3d series, and want to become familiar with the new Railbird feature in advance of the series, visit a site on the Winning Poker Network today. You can try out the new Railbird feature with any of your buddies at any time, free of charge, and get them used to following your action.

Then, when September 3 comes around – and you are running deep in the Winning Poker Network´s Million Dollar Sunday – not only will you know how to invite your buddies to follow your progress, they will know the process to link to your table. The only downside of this new innovative feature we can think of is you will have to invite all your buddies to the celebration party!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett