Sit & Go 2.0 Extended Across all WPN Sites

Sit & Go 2.0After a week of being exclusively available to players at Americas Cardroom, the Winning Poker Network has extended Sit & Go 2.0 across all its sites.

Having initially been only made available to players at [geolink href=””]Americas Cardroom[/geolink], the Winning Poker Network has extended its innovative and popular Sit & Go 2.0 game across all the sites on the network to include [geolink href=””]Black Chip Poker[/geolink], [geolink href=””]Ya Poker[/geolink] and [geolink href=””]True Poker[/geolink]. The timing could not have better, as it coincides with a new reload bonus and the further release of satellites for the forthcoming OSS Cubed event.

The extension will also benefit players at Americas Cardroom. Although games of Sit & Go 2.0 have not been slow to get underway, the availability of the games across the whole network will result in tables filling faster, players getting more games in during a session, and everyone having a better opportunity of being involved in a Jackpot game.

Sit & Go 2.0 – “The Next Evolution of Poker”

Sit & Go 2.0 has been described as “the next evolution of poker” by the promotions people at the Winning Poker Network – and they could have a point. The game combines the lottery factor that has made jackpot-style hyper-turbos popular in recent years with the traditional skills associated with single table tournaments, and the result – so far – has been hugely successful.

Each game begins with the nine players seated around the table selecting a card from a deck of 26 green cards, 26 red cards and 3 gold cards. If the first player turns over a green card, the size of the prize pool increases, as does the number of players that will get paid in the game. The prize pool and number of players to get paid in the game increases until one of the following players turns over a red card.

If the first player turns over a red card, the game will be played for the default prize pool (usually seven times the buy-in) with only the top two players getting paid. If one, two, or all three of the gold cards are turned over – plus nine green cards – the game is played for a Jackpot prize that will be shared between all the players. How the Jackpot prize is determined is described below.

How the Sit & Go 2.0 Jackpot Prize is Determined

The Sit & Go 2.0 Jackpot prize is progressive, increasing all the time as more games are played. The prize that can be awarded in any one game depends on the value of the progressive Jackpot at the time, the value of the buy-in for the game, and the number of gold cards that are drawn by the players. The games have five buy in levels:

  • Players in a $5.00 buy-in Sit & Go 2.0 games can only share 20% of the maximum Jackpot prize pool. That could still be over $10,000 depending on the value of the progressive Jackpot and the number of gold cards drawn.
  • The prize in a $10.00 buy-in Sit & Go 2.0 game is capped at 40% of the maximum Jackpot prize pool. In less than two weeks, this Jackpot prize has hit once in game with one gold card and once in a game with two gold cards.
  • Games with buy-ins of $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 qualify for the maximum Jackpot prize depending on the number of gold cards drawn. So far, just one $25.00 game has been played after a gold card has been drawn. The value of the prize pool was $9,249.75.

The significance of the gold cards is that, when one gold card and nine green cards are drawn, the game is played for 10% of the current progressive Jackpot (2% in games with a $5.00 buy-in and 4% in games with a $10.00 buy-in). When two gold cards are drawn, the game is played for 25% (5%/10%) of the Jackpot pool value, and when three gold cards are drawn, the game is played for 75% (15%/30%) of the Jackpot pool value. Here is a video explaining the process in greater detail:

Don´t Forget the Reload Bonus and OSS Cubed

Among all the excitement of Sit & Go 2.0 being extended throughout the Winning Poker Network, it should not be forgotten that there is a 50% [geolink href=””]Mad March reload bonus[/geolink] available for all existing players up until this coming Friday, plus the network is releasing more satellites for the upcoming $5.5 million OSS Cubed tournament series starting April 9.

Players looking to maximize their ROI in the biggest event of them all – the Million Dollar Sunday on April 30 – should check out the Freebuy events feeding into multiple sub-satellites for the three mega-satellites guaranteeing 300 seats in the $1,000,000 guaranteed event. It is quite a big ask to go through three qualifying stages before reaching the target tournament, but the prize at the end of it could really be worthwhile!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett