Sit & Go 2.0 Proving a Hit at Americas Cardroom

Sit & Go 2.0 at Americas CardroomAmericas Cardroom´s latest innovation – Sit & Go 2.0 – is proving to be a popular addition to comprehensive range of opportunities offered by the site.

Last Wednesday, Americas Cardroom launched the long-awaited Sit & Go 2.0 – a game that combines the skill needed to profit from 9-player Sit & Go gamers with the lottery element of three-handed, hyper-turbo Jackpot Poker. The response has been phenomenal, with feedback across poker forums confirming the game´s tagline that Sit & Go 2.0 is the next evolution of poker.

Two features appear to be driving players to the tables – the chance of winning a share of the progressive Jackpot, and finding up to all nine players can cash in a game, subject to the result of the pre-game draw. Players have commented that the flat payout structure and the chance of more places than usual getting paid reduces variance and eliminates some of the dreary bubble play.

How to Play Sit & Go 2.0 at Americas Cardroom

Sit & Go 2.0 is played in exactly the same as any other full ring turbo Sit & Go game, with the exception of the pre-game draw. The draw takes place when all nine players are seated and consists of players selecting a card from a pack of fifty-five cards placed in the center of the table. Twenty-six of the cards are green, twenty-six of the cards are red, and the three remaining cards are gold.

The default prize pool is seven times the buy-in, shared between the top two players. As consecutive green cards are revealed, the prize pool and the number of places paid grows. If the first card is green, the prize pool increases to nine times the buy-in and is shared between the top three players. If the next card is also green, the prize pool is eleven times the buy-in and shared between the top four players.

The prize pool and number of places paid continues to grow until a red card is revealed, at which point the draw is concluded and the game gets underway for whatever level of prize was drawn. If one or more gold cards are revealed during the draw – and nine green cards are also revealed – players will be playing for a share of the Jackpot pool, which was seeded last week with $100,000.

How Jackpot Prize Pool is are Distributed

There are two factors that determine how much of the Jackpot prize pool is up for grabs – the buy-in of the Sit & Go 2.0 game and the number of gold cards revealed in the pre-game draw. There are five buy-in options – $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00. Only the three highest buy-ins qualify for maximum Jackpot payouts – the $5.00 games and $10.00 games qualify for 20% and 40% respectively.

Bearing these percentages in mind, the value of the Jackpot prize varies according to the number of gold cards drawn.

  • If just one gold card is revealed, the game is played for 10% of the current progressive Jackpot.
  • If two gold cards are revealed, the game is played for 25% of the Jackpot´s value.
  • If three gold cards are revealed, players will share is 75% of the Jackpot prize pool.

Consequently, if you were playing in a $10.00 buy-in Sit & Go 2.0 game with the progressive Jackpot standing at $100,000 – and two gold cards are revealed – the game would be worth 40% of 25% of the Jackpot value – i.e. $10,000. Since the game was launched last Wednesday, one “two card” Jackpot game has been played (with a buy-in of $10.00) and two “one card” Jackpot games have been played (one each at $5.00 and $10.00).

Player Feedback Incredibly Positive

Players who have already experienced the thrill of Sit & Go 2.0 have given incredibly positive feedback. Although the possibility exists that you may be only playing for one of two prizes in a full ring game with a prize pool of seven times the buy-in, the consensus of opinion is that the games are incredibly soft and full of players just there for the novelty value.

Some players have even likened the level of action to the “good old days” when Sit & Go games on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker would fill within minutes – although some have pointed out that the timer showing how long remains until the next game is likely to get underway is misleading and is best ignored. No doubt that feature will be fixed in the next software update.

For the present, Sit & Go 2.0 has only been released on the Americas Cardroom site, and not on any other Winning Poker Network sites. Games take between 40 minutes and 60 minutes to complete, so players do not have to invest a lot of time or money to get involved and try the new game out. Don´t forget that Sit & Go 2.0 is just one of a number of potentially lucrative opportunities offered by the site, so why not head over to Americas Cardroom today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett