Sit ´N Go Madness Starts on Tuesday at BetOnline Poker

Sit 'n Go Madness at BetOnlineBetOnline Poker is celebrating the annual NCAA men´s basketball tournament with its own March Madness promotion consisting of Sit ´N Go bounty shootouts.

Each year, the country´s best college basketball teams compete in one of the world´s most popular knockout competitions to determine the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Champion. The event has become known as “March Madness” due to the time of year the competition is played and due to the speed at which the 68 teams entering the competition are reduced to a single winner.

The good folk at BetOnline Poker don´t believe basketball fans should have all the fun, and have organized a “Sit ´N Go Madness” promotion to mirror the attributes of knockout competition – i.e. it´s happening at the same time as the March Madness event (March 19th to April 8th) and the speed at which winners are determined is going to be fast.

How the Sit ´N Go Madness Promotion Works

The Sit ´N Go Madness promotion consists of individual Sit ´N Go games. Each game starts when the required number of players has entered (4, 8, 16, or 32) and each has a hyper-turbo KO format consisting of between two and five rounds of heads-up shootouts. As the games have a KO format, you receive a bounty for each round you win, as well as taking a step closer to the first place prize money.

BetOnline Poker will be hosting the games at four different buy-in levels. Once the fee is taken out of the buy-in, half is allocated to the prize pool, and the other half to the bounty pool. So, even if you only survive one round, you will win back almost half what you paid to enter the game. Details of the buy-ins, fees, and bounties are as follow:

BetOnline Poker Sit ´N Go Madness
Buy-In Fee Prize Pool Bounty
$1.50 $0.10 $0.70 $0.70
$3.50 $0.20 $1.65 $1.65
$7.00 $0.36 $3.32 $3.32
$15.00 $0.60 $7.20 $7.20

The distribution of the prize pool depends on the number of players per game. In four-player and eight-player games, only the top two players will win a share of the prize money in addition to their bounties. In sixteen-player and thirty-two-player games, the top four players will cash. Here´s an example of how this works in practice if you were to enter a sixteen-player Sit ´N Go Madness game with a $3.50 buy-in.

  • If you win the first heads-up shootout, you win $1.65 – the bounty on your opponent´s head – and are automatically paired with one of the other seven survivors from the first round games.
  • If you win the second heads-up shootout, your total winnings are $3.30 for KO-ing two players, and you are now assured of at least 5% of the prize money for finishing in the top four places.
  • If you win the third heads-up shootout, you collect a further bounty, plus you are assured of picking up $9.24 in prize money if you lose the final shootout or $14.52 if you win it.
  • If you win the final heads-up shootout, not only will you pick up your fourth bounty and $14.52 for winning the game, you will also have your own bounty returned for a total cash of $22.77.

Want Something Faster? Try Flip Jackpot Sit ´N Go Games

Flip Jackpot Sit 'n GosIf the speed of the Sit ´N Go Madness games is not fast enough for you, BetOnline Poker has also recently launched “Flip” Jackpot Sit ´N Go games. These are similar to the site´s regular three-handed, hyper-turbo jackpot games, with the exception that every player is all-in every hand – meaning that most games last only one hand.

BetOnline Poker is trialing the Flip games with buy-ins of $3.00, $5.00, and $10.00, and the prizes you can win vary from 1.5x the buy-in up to a mighty 1,000x times the buy-in. Although not at all a skill-based version of online poker, the Flip Jackpot games are a great way to let off some steam after a bad beat, and you could win up to $10,000 in less than a minute.

The Flip Jackpot games are already live in the BetOnline Poker client, and the Sit `N Go Madness games start on Tuesday. If you are not already playing at the site, you can find out more about the rich variety of opportunities in my [geolink href=””]BetOnline review[/geolink], where you will also find details of how to claim your first deposit bonus up to $1,000.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett