Super High Roller Bowl the Latest to Move Online

The coronavirus outbreak has shut down almost everything around the globe. People are staying at home and tens of millions are out of work. For the live poker sector, events that were to take place shortly after the outbreak or even months from now are being canceled. For some organizers, instead of canceling or postponing the event, they moved online. The latest to do so is the Super High Roller Bowl, using partypoker to get the gaming event to players around the world via an online poker platform.

Details of the Event

In the past, the Super High Roller Bowl was a stand-alone tournament. However, this time around, it will take place during a high stakes tournament series at online poker room partypoker. The series will begin on May 23rd and end in June with several events on the schedule, including the Main Event.

Usually, the Super High Roller Bowl has a buy-in of anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000. However, this time, the online version will be significantly lower at just $100,000. The event has a $3 million guarantee but it can pretty much be assumed that the turnout will be significant and the guarantee will most likely be surpassed.

So far, the full schedule of the series has yet to be released. PokerNews did speak to party about the tournament plans and reportedly, there will be three events taking place per day. There will be one event with a $25,000 buy-in and two at $10,000. The larger of the three will offer $1 million in prize money while the smaller events will have a $500,000 prize pool.

We also know that a total of $20 million will be guaranteed across 28 events. This includes the Super High Roller Bowl, which will be the culminating event of the series. The Super High Roller Bowl is organized by Poker Central and the event was able to move online due to a partnership the brand has with partypoker.

Launching After Successful Poker Masters Online

As mentioned, providers are going online with their land-based events. Poker Central first moved the Poker Masters online and after its success, decided that the Super High Roller could go online as well. The Poker Masters Online took place from April 12th to the 26th and featured $16.5 million in guaranteed prize money.

So many players logged on to compete that the prize pool was almost doubled, with $35.4 million in prizes awarded. During the Poker Masters, it was Alexandros Kolonias who earned the purple jacket and $50,000 in prize money after cashing out 11 times during the series.

We shall see very soon if Poker Central can replicate the success of the Poker Masters and have an even larger turnout for the Super High Roller Bowl. We will provide more insight into the upcoming series as details are made available, either by partypoker or Poker Central.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett