The Wynn is Back Open for Business!

When can you play?

There is some good news is on the horizon for poker fans looking to get back to the tables, this week, a popular poker destination in Las Vegas will be reopening, following new guidelines and regulations. On Wednesday, September 30th at 12pm, The Wynn Las Vegas luxury hotel will open its iconic Encore room. No need to plan for a specific time window during the day either, as they will be open again 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although this isn’t the first casino to reopen live poker to guests since Las Vegas shutdown, it is without a doubt one of the most prestigious.

Covid-19 Precautions

Here are the new regulations and safety protocols that will be in store if you’re planning on make a trip to The Wynn.

• 8 players will be allowed per table (Prior to Covid-19, 10 were allowed)

• There will be dividers between each player to ensure social distancing

• Of the 28 previous tables available to play at, only 24 will now be open to provide more space within the room

• Face coverings/masks will be mandatory in order to enter

• Hourly station sanitizations

• Frequent equipment sanitization

• A team of 10 Wynn employees solely dedicated to Covid-19 tracing and regulations

Although tournaments will not be available for the near future, The Wynn is planning on offering some soon, as they just want to slowly get re-acclimated and accustomed to the new safety protocols and procedures.

As a cautionary note; The Wynn also had 548 positive Covid-19 tests reported from their employers last week. They announced that 3 of those who tested positive ended up passing away from the virus. In total, the Wynn has run 15,051 tests for Covid-19, this means their positivity percentage sits at 3.6%.

The Wynn is contact tracing and taking every necessary measure they need to, it can’t get much safer than it currently is with the conditions at hand but be sure to travel and participate at your own discretion.

The Wynn’s Legacy

If you’re unfamiliar with The Wynn’s top tier poker room, here is some information about it; there is a window available for it’s guests to wager on sports. It features 37 HD TV’s and they’re each 65 inches, they show various sports and events while guests play. It has hosted legendary events and tournaments in years past as well as their own annual ones.

The Signature Series offered here, has historically offered players a chance to significantly up their wagers. A $400,000 guarantee for an $1,100 buy-in is amongst one of their offerings. The Wynn provides a top-class environment in the world to play poker, as well as top-class tournaments to wager in. It is one of the unique experiences in Las Vegas that players are willing to travel from around the globe to experience.

Due to closure, the Summer Classic was canceled which has been one of their biggest events in years past. The 2019 Summer Classic offered a $2-million-dollar main event, this was one players for sure would’ve had circled on their calendars for this year. Don’t be too upset though, there will be some amazing tournaments and events coming up soon enough now that they’re beginning to ramp up play again.

This has been a long time coming as well as a long time players have had to wait, the last time the poker room was open was back in March during their 2020 Spring Classic, before all of the shutdown’s and quarantines began throughout America. Due to the loss of business these conditions created, The Wynn lost $638 million dollars according to their quarterly report. Reopening will allow for them to begin earning back these losses as well as give their players a chance to get back in action.

Although they lost a ton of money due this year, The Wynn was one of the casinos lucky enough to make it through the pandemic without having to close their poker room down completely. Amidst the lockdown, some casinos in Las Vegas got rid of their rooms until further notice upon reopening. Make sure to arrange your trip to The Wynn, opening once again this Wednesday at noon!

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett