Tonight Only – Win Free Sports Bets at Intertops Poker

Free Sports BetsIntertops Poker is celebrating the anniversary of NFL legend Vince Lombardi´s birth today by hosting a freeroll tournament with free sports bets up for grabs.

Vince “The Pope” Lombardi is widely recognized as the greatest NFL coach of all time. The former butcher´s son from Brooklyn found fame by leading the previously dreadful Green Bay Packers to five NFL Championships and two Super Bowl victories in his seven years as Head Coach. After his death in 1970, the Super Bowl trophy was named in his honor.

Lombardi was born on 11th June 1913; and, to celebrate the anniversary of his birth, Intertops Poker is hosting a special freeroll tournament in which the top fifteen players will win free bets to use in the Intertops sports book. The tournament starts at 6:03pm (ET) tonight, and entry is limited to just 900 players – so you are advised to register early for the event if you can.

The Information on the Intertops Website is Wrong

It´s not like Intertops Poker to announce a promotion on its website and then run the event differently – but in this case it has. The trouble with these “mixed messages” is that other poker news sites pick up the wrong information and distribute it through social media, only for players to be disappointed when they miss the event or it turns out not to be as advertised. So here´s the correct version.

The tournament gets underway two minutes earlier than advertised on the website. This may not seem like a big deal; but – if there are any seats remaining – late registration lasts for just five minutes. This could impact some players who believe they have more time than they actually have to register, resulting in them missing out on a chance to win a free sports bet.

With regard to the prizes, they are much less than advertised on the Intertops website. Rather than the first three places paying $300, $200, and $100 in free sports bets respectively; the actual first, second, and third place prizes are $100, $80, and $60. Furthermore, only players finishing in places 4-15 will receive a $20 free bet – not places 4-20 as advertised on the website.

Where to Find the Sports Bets Freeroll

If you are still up for playing in the sports bets freeroll, the tournament can be found under the freeroll tab of the tournaments lobby in the Intertops Poker client – look for “The Pope – Win Your Free Bets”. The tournament has a nice slow structure, with blinds starting at 10/20 and increasing every ten minutes. As players start with a stack of 4,000 chips, the tournament is not going to be over quickly!

If you finish among the top fifteen players, you will receive an email from Intertops Poker within 48 hours congratulating you on your win and containing a free bets bonus code. The code has to be redeemed in the sports book in order to claim your free bets. Should your free bets be successful, there is a 3x rollover requirement (at odds of -200 or better) before you can withdraw your winnings.

Finally, watch out for some restrictions about who is allowed to play in the tournament. Although there is no requirement for players to have made a deposit into their poker accounts to be eligible to play, players from certain countries (mostly Eastern European countries, Portugal, and Russia) are excluded from the promotion and any winnings will be forfeited. If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible to play in tonight´s sports bets freeroll, my advice is to check with Customer Services first (and don´t rely on the information provided on the Intertops website!).

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett