Unibet Poker Launches European Bounty Cup

Online poker room Unibet Poker has decided to offer a unique poker gaming concept based on the European Football Championships. If the coronavirus had never been a problem, the Championships would have taken place, and everyone would be cheering own their favorite team. But unfortunately, the virus is still an issue and football is non-existent at the moment. However, fans can still have fun by participating in the European Bounty Cup found at Unibet Poker. The month-long option provides multi-table tournaments each day with varying buy-in levels to suit every player.

European Bounty Cup Details

From June 12 to July 12, Unibet Poker will be home to the European Bounty Cup. Players can compete for individual prizes as well as for their country by taking part in daily multi-table tournaments. These tournaments will have different buy-in levels, making it easy for players of all skill levels to compete.

On the low end, the tier will offer buy-ins of €1 to €10. On the high end, the buy-ins will start at €25. Players will be able to earn bounties as they knock players out of the tournament events. The more bounties collected during the festival, the better chance that prizes will be earned via four competitions.

Players can easily represent their country in the Country Freerolls. For every bounty won, the national total will rise. The top three will then qualify for freerolls from the respective country. The winners that make it to this freeroll will be competing for a €2,000 prize pool. The runner ups will compete for a smaller €1,000 prize pool and third place competes for €500.

So, basically if your country finishes in the top and you have played in at least one qualifying tournament, then you can play the freeroll. The number of tournaments played will dictate the starting stack during the freeroll.

Dream Team

Another unique aspect of the Unibet Poker European Bounty Cup is the Dream Team. The top 11 individual players during the festival will be eligible to win cash prizes and be given a special avatar. Points are awarded for every bounty a player earns. Each bounty will count to the player’s individual score as well as the tiered Dream Team leaderboards.

On top of that, the special event is featuring a Championship Raffle on July 13. This is yet another incentive to eliminate players during the festival. For every five bounties a player earns, they will be given a ticket to the raffle. Within the raffle, there is an additional €5,000 waiting to be won.

The top 20 players in the High and Low tier of the European Bounty Cup will be rewarded a cash prize. So, competing in several events and taking out players is the goal if you want to finish with a ton of raffle tickets in the hopes of winning even more prize money.

The special event kicks off today and with a month of action, players have plenty of time to compete!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett