Venetian Las Vegas First to Bring Back Multiplayer Poker Tournaments

Casinos across the United States have been reopening slowly over the past few weeks. Back in March, every commercial casino was shut down and players had no where to go to enjoy poker or other gaming options. Of course, no one was going anywhere due to the coronavirus. And even now that casinos are opening back up, there is a lack of poker gaming due to social distancing restrictions. However, the Venetian has decided that their poker room will be open and they have decided to provide multi-table tournaments, a first since gaming venues began reopening.

Multi-Table Tournaments on the Schedule

The Venetian poker room will be hosting $250 tournaments at 11:10 am on Friday and Saturday. The tournaments will take place in shootout format. Only 80 players can participate per event. These players will be spread out among five handed tables, which equals 16 tables total.

During a shootout event, players must defeat the table to move forward. With 80 players, these tournaments will play down to 16 winners and those players will move on to the next round. The final 16 will compete at four-handed tables. The four winners of that round will play at the final table.

The casino is also offering a $230 single-table tournament on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This event can be found from 10 am until 4 pm.  The single table event will begin as soon as five players have registered.

What Las Vegas Locations are Offering Poker?

As mentioned, the game of poker is limited in Las Vegas, as well as across the US. In Sin City, players will find only the South Point Casino, The Orleans, the Golden Nugget and the Venetian are offering poker gaming.

The social distancing guidelines of Las Vegas state that only five players can be seated at one table, based on information provided by the state Gaming Control Board. The guidelines were put in place to ensure that casinos provide as safe of an environment as possible for players and employees.

The reason that poker has been lacking during the reopening process is due to social distancing concerns. At one table, you have the players seated side by side and they are all touching the chips and cards. Even if players are wearing masks, they could transfer the virus from touching the tools needed to play.

Of course, players are asked to remain at home if they have been around anyone with the coronavirus or have a fever or not feeling well. Masks are not a requirement but casinos are supposed to encourage players to wear them. People seem to be not as willing to wear the masks, if images of Las Vegas and other regions around the US are an indicator as to how citizens are acting.

We shall see in the coming weeks if poker continues to be offered in Las Vegas and if more casinos will be willing to offer the game to their patrons. It may be that poker will soon be more readily available or if cases increase, it may be neglected for a while longer.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett